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Challenge: [310] Rebirth

Title: Dreams of Reality

Word Count: 194

Spoilers: Possibly mild ones for 3D - I’m not sure; I have only played 3 worlds, but have picked up a few idea from it. The ending is unspoiled at least.

Notes: None.

Ven could feel himself coming back to life. Not completely, and not even full consciousness yet, but it was a start. It was that half-wake dreaming state, where you weren’t asleep, but had no thoughts of your own. Yes, that was it. No thoughts of his own, but other thoughts drifting to the surface. Thoughts of friendship and power and the question of a heart.

His heart was cold, or far away, or all together missing. His mind was sluggish and aching, and he couldn’t feel a single inch of his body, but he was alive again.

A voice nearly broke him from his slumber. “---!” It was so near his own internal voice, full of desperation and need for the friend who was not there. Might never be there again. The voice quieted, but the warmth near where his heart would be grew still. Peace or grief, he didn’t know, for he was falling back into sleep.

No, he had his first thought in a long time. Grasping onto straws, Ven remembered who he was, what was happening for just a brief moment. He would not...fall...asleep again...

He had to...to...

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