Feb. 12th, 2013

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This is the official post for all of you to submit prompts to. Feel free to post as many as you want per comment or come back and comment more, I'll eventually wrangle things into a sort of comprehensive list.
I do ask that if you become a challenge selector and pull one of the prompts from this list, to please let me know. Used prompts will be denoted by an astrick and I will ask that nobody else select that prompt for at least one year.

And finally, dear community, I am pleased to announce [livejournal.com profile] lettersandliars will be joining me as a moderator!

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Thank you, everyone! :)

In a universe as enormous as the one Kingdom Hearts presents us with, it stands to reason that there’ll be so many questions that some just never quite get asked. How did Monstro end up floating through space? Why does no one question Sora, Donald and Goofy being asleep and forgotten for a whole year? What’s going on with the trenchcoated Moogle? And why does no one ever realise that Master Xehanort couldn’t look much more stereotypically evil if he tried?

So, as serious or hilarious as you like, answer all those unasked questions by 19th February!


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