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Challenge [307]: Crossover
Title: Let’s Duel
Word Count: 653
Notes: It’s probably really obvious from the title what I’m crossing this over with! It recently came to rival Kingdom Hearts as the fandom that I love to pieces and can’t get enough of, so I really hope this came out well.

Let’s Duel

Although Sora has never entered a tournament that didn't involve plowing through heartless with his Keyblade, he's willing to try card games on for size.

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Challenge [305]: Rise Up
Title: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Word Count: 345
Notes: The prompt Rise Up immediately made me think of the phrase “Wake up and smell the coffee,” and then I came up with this. Enjoy!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Sora really did want Riku to help train him, but somehow waking up early in the morning was not something he was counting on having to do. Luckily Kairi is there to get his butt out of bed.

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Challenge: [302] Unasked Questions
Title: The Scars We Keep
Word Count: 604
Notes: I was two seconds away from writing about the moogle in the trench coat, but I woke up with this idea in my head and thought “Eh. What the heck.” I like the way it came out, and I’m glad I kicked the moogle to the wayside! (sorry moogle!)

The Scars We Keep

Sora comes to terms with Riku’s not-so-merry adventure and the battle scars it left behind.

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Challenge: [301] Friends
Title: Why Are You Having a Tea Party?
Word Count: 617
There are spoilers for the end of KH3D in this! I always wanted to write a story revolving around this line (the best line ever spoken by anyone in all of Kingdom Hearts : p) and this seemed like a good prompt to write it for! Please give me some feedback about the writing style. I felt weird about it for some reason. Thanks!

Why Are You Having a Tea Party?

Why WERE Sora, Donald and Goofy having a tea party?

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Challenge: [300] The End Of The World...Or Not
Title: All We Can Do
Word Count: 619
Notes: I thought that the end of the world for any of the Kingdom Hearts characters would be losing their friends, so I came up with this.

All We Can Do

Riku and Kairi face the possibility of losing Sora forever.

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Challenge: [299] Birthdays
Title: Thank Sora
Word Count: 600
Notes: This is my first time posting a story for this community! Yay! With all the characters in Kingdom Hearts there's a lot of potential for birthdays. It was hard at first to choose who to focus on, but in the end I chose Riku, since he seems to be in the most need of being cheered up :) I hope you enjoy!

Thank Sora

Naminé uses her knowledge of Sora’s memory to give Riku a special surprise. Pre KHII. Riku's POV.

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