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challenge: [284] Nature and Nurture
title: The Best I Could Do
word count: 597
notes: in which ansem the wise has the worst father's day evar. ahaha, i was so tired when i wrote this. apologies for any incoherency.

'It's really fascinating, you know.' )
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Challenge: [281] Twist
Title: The One I Loved
Word Count: 597
Notes: ...AU-ish for KH2, I guess. Also, BBS spoilers, on the off chance there's still anyone who doesn't know them?

You were all I had. )
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Challenge: [277] Revenge
Title: Still Waters
Word Count: 585
Spoilers: For BBS secret ending, if there are still people who haven't seen it.
Notes: I always want to write more about him, but he is so fricking hard to write for. :\

Did you remember it? )
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Challenge: [273] Road to Damascus
Title: Out Of The Depths
Word Count: 600
Spoilers: ...post-game speculation for BBS?
Notes: To coin a phrase, what is this I don't even? The idea kind of... abruptly happened when I was reading the Wikipedia entry. But... if this isn't the way Nomura chooses to continue the story, I've decided I don't care any more: this is going to be my personal canon for these two.

I'll be there by your side/share your fears in the silent redemption )
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Challenge: [271] Forgotten Goodbyes
Title: The Moon Draws the Waters
Word Count: 600
Spoilers: None
Notes: Probably set in the same continuity as this drabble, I think. My brain can't decide. I have two or three origin stories for both of them, which blatantly contradict each other in parts, but I guess that is the nature of fairy tales to begin with.

the vapours round the mountains curled, melt into morn, and light awakes the world )
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Challenge: [263] The Bad Guys
Title: Eye of the Beholder
Word Count: 499
Notes: Some day, I will finish a drabble that is not literally at the last minute. x_x

It had been the right thing to do. Hadn't it? )
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Challenge: [262] Guilty Pleasures
Title: Sins That Shadows Hide
Wordcount: 600
Spoilers: For major BBS plot points. Post-game speculation.
Notes: Um. I don't know if this is too explicit for the community. It's suggestive but not graphic, but, er, if it's still too much, let me know and I'll take it down.

Darkness is desire also. )
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Challenge: [260] Music
Title: Harmony of the Spheres
Word Count: 598
Spoilers: Set pre-BBS, but none really, since most of it is personal canon.
Notes: As above. I almost gave up on this repeatedly, but somehow managed to finish it, despite many fits of "aaaugh I can't make it work" (why does dialogue make my drabbles so long). I actually have a longer version of this with additional scenes-- it ended up having to be cut down to fit drabble-size, but if anyone would like to see the original, I can send the full version. (Or post it in my journal, either way.)

Not all hearts can hear them. )
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Challenge: [257] The Rules
Title: Roll of the Dice
Word Count: 621
Spoilers: Surprisingly, none.
Notes: In which I fall out of practice at writing drabble length yet again, and Terra almost breaks the fourth wall. Sort of inspired by something that happened to me, except I was playing as Ven. I just thought it would be more amusing with Terra, since he spends most of his time being so serious, so he's more fun to tease.

Look, can I re-roll or something? I'm just having a streak of bad luck. )
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Challenge: [253] Polar Opposites
Title: Two As One
Word Count: 598
Spoilers: BBS major spoilers.
Notes: Taking the "opposites where the spectrum is a circle rather than a line" interpretation of this theme. Sometimes gameplay mechanics give me interesting story ideas. (Also, I had no idea until I wrote this that Courier New has Greek letters. Thanks to whatever font designer added them, I guess?)

Once there was a boy... )
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We're one entry short, but the writer has let me know their circumstances, and will be submitting asap - [livejournal.com profile] ceylmallyn, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little longer for your gift.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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I'm Not Afraid )

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And Look How Things Could Have Been )

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If you believe, clap your hands )

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Games We Play )

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For Queen and Country )

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fragile things (warning: spoilers for BBS) )

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First Meeting )

New Summer )

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Cinnamon )

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More Than Gold )
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Challenge: [245] Radiant Garden
Title: The Silence of Light
Word Count: 596
Notes: ...this is basically a chunk of personal canon, from a much longer storyline. I hope it makes sense on its own.

At last they decreed what fate would be most befitting, a final reward for all he had given them. )
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Challenge: [240] Ocean
Title: Full Circle
Word Count: 542
Notes: Speculation and Birth by Sleep spoilers for the Xehanort Reports. (And ACK, messed up a tag in my original posting-- hope no one who didn't want them saw any spoilers in all the thirty-some seconds it was up. Fixed now.)

When he looks across the ocean, even standing on the highest point on the island, he only sees the horizon. )
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Challenge: [239] Inexorable
Title: Thicker Than Water
Word Count: 604
Notes: Could have worked for the last challenge, but I think it actually fits this theme better. Argh, need to work on my wordcounts again, haven't written drabbles in awhile. Apprentice!fic of a sort. Exactly which one of them he is, I'll leave it to the reader to decide.

Beware of sweet promises; beware those who are too beautiful. )
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Challenge: [194] Gift
Title: Prodigal Son
Word Count: 598
Notes: oh Riku, you and your rogue kick-my-other-ideas-out-from-under-me sudden plot ideas. :p Set post-CoM, pre-end of 358/2 Days. The way the timelines of those two games interact is really messing with my head right now; maybe it'll make more sense when I actually play Days. Just a touch of personal canon/theory in here.

riku week ftw, right guys? )
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Challenge: [173] Fire
Title: Darkness Infernal
Word Count: 660 (meep)
Notes: Not all fire that burns gives light.

Light has its flame-- and darkness its own, as well. )


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