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Challenge [197] Second Chance
Title: Kairi Says
Word Count: 498
Spoilers: Uhh, for a certain KH1 game mechanic, I guess
Notes: I can't be the only person that did this in-game. Also, hi! I submitted entries here once upon a time. (:

Distinguishing from the dos and the do nots )
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Challenge: [165] Kiss
Title: First
World Count: 171
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Notes: It's been way too long since I last drabbled -- I'm pretty dang rusty.

Love your first like it's your last )
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Challenge: [154] still believe
Title: Etchings
Word Count: 331
Spoilers: KH1
Summary: He stood by her for a decade as she carved.

Etchings )
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Heeeey, it's been a while guys.

Challenge: [151] Surreal
Title: Smoke and Mirrors
World Count: 193
Rating: G
Spoilers: KH2

reality is only a lie in the mirror
ɹoɹɹıɯ ǝɥʇ uı ǝıן ɐ ʎןuo sı ʎʇıןɐǝɹ

Smoke and Mirrors )
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Challenge: [143] Style
Title: Jaded
Word Count: 439
Spoilers: Vaguely for CoM
Rating: PG
Summary: You think that's where it's at, but is that where it's supposed to be.

Jaded )
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Challenge: [139] Saint
Title: Casualties of War
Word Count: 369
Rating: PG
Spoilers: KH2
Summary: I'm sorry, Aerith. [Lightly meshing ideas from both KH and FF7]

Casualties of War )
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Challenge: [138] Underappreciated Characters
Title: For Us
Word Count: 370
Spoilers: For KH, maybe :|
Rating: PG
Summary: Consumption by the darkness is a transition: From light to dark, pleasant to unpleasant, craving the foul to craving the pure.
Notes: This came out Ayn Rand-ish. I don't think I've ever seen fic about my favorite trio from Nightmare Before Christmas. :x

For Us )
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Challenge: [137] Identity
Title: Changing Roles
Word Count: 399 (rofl I got under 400 for once)
Rating: G
Spoilers: KH2
Summary: Some aspects of assuming a new role are rather unexpected.

Sora had never changed so drastically before )
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Challenge: [136] Endurance
Title: Presence
Word Count: 424
Rating: G
Spoilers: KH1
Summary: Sora searched everywhere but within. Whenever he felt he couldn't go on, she would pull him back to his feet. [Sora/Kairi]
Notes: Happy Valentine's Day! I ate a chocolate heart while writing this. x]

Whenever his sleep was fitful, she would watch him, whisper to him, let him know she was there. And he would smile, and not stir until morning )
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Challenge: [135] Disaster
Title: Undertow
Word Count: 409
Spoilers: CoM
Rating: PG
Summary: Memories are sinking away all too quickly. Perhaps the sweet little blue-eyed boy he raised all those years is only in his imagination.

Undertow )
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Challenge: [133] Triumph and Tragedy
Title: Her Prince
Word Count: 402
Spoilers: KH2
Rating: G
Summary: He was nothing like her storybooks.

Her Prince )
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Challenge: [131] Afterglow
Title: One hundred seventy-nine Marks
Word count: 384
Rating: PG
Spoilers: KH2
Summary: Roxas counts down the days until he is reunited with Sora.

And so, he begins counting. )
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Challenge: [129] Waifs and Strays
Title: Elements
Word count: 418
Rating: PG
Spoilers: KH2
Summary: Sora struggles with the concept of Nobodies; rather, what they once were.
Notes: Eh, extended metaphors. D: I hope I got my meaning across.

At war, you must remember to stand tall with the strength of your bravery and pride. But for your own sake, young man, never remember that your enemies are human. )
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Challenge: [128] Dreams
Title: The Perfect Gift
Word count: 410
Rating: G
Spoilers: KH2, probably.
Summary: I'm glad, at least, to have this out of my system so I can continue studying for finals. I'm at the point where nothing in my brain makes sense. ;_; [Riku Sora friendship.]

Because when Sora dreams, he reaches past the stars and pulls down the heavens, and Riku wanted nothing more than the bit meant for him. )
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Challenge (128) Dreams
Title: Cardboard Boxes
Word Count: 360
Notes: No spoilers, just a bit of in between game ficcage going on. <3 Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tabitha_dornoc for her help.

Read more... )
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Challenge: [124] Traditions
Title: Hellfire
Word Count: 368
Rating: Eh.. I give this one a PG
Spoilers: No spoilers, but post KH2
Notes: This came out way darker than I intended.

"...and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables." II Timothy 4:4

Hellfire )
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Challenge: [120] Teenage Rebellion
Title: Ah, but Boy You're Only a Child
Word Count: 464
Spoilers: Eh. For KH2 I guess
Rating/Warnings: PG, lots of embarrassment.
Notes: Post KH2: Sora and Riku visit the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee. Riku temporarily forgets his table manners. (Aerith/Riku)

Take it easy, take it easy )
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Challenge: None! :O
Title: Gestures
Word Count: 301
Spoilers: Spoilers for all the games here.
Rating/Warnings: G
Notes: Just trying to relax a little and write for myself instead of for newswriting classes. I hope the newspaper's simplistic style hasn't hurt my already barren writing style too much. ;_;

He understands now. )
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Challenge: [116] Rock Star
Title: Powerline
Word Count: 306
Spoilers: For CoM, maybe sort of kind of.
Rating/Warnings: G
Notes: It was too hard to resist with this challenge. Here's a small piece of my own headcanon, written in present tense instead of my usual past tense cause I feel like it. 8D

You look the part.. )
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Challenge: [115] An offer you can’t refuse
Title: Ante up!
Word Count: 288
Spoilers: Nawwwwwww, none here.
Rating/Warnings: PG
Notes: I always wanted to write this. xD

You're the weirdest lookin'.. )


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