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Challenge; [1o8] Belle
Title; When She Loved Me
Word Count; 311
Rating; G
Notes; One-sided Pence/Olette, Hayner/Olette. Pence's POV. Based on Jordan Pruitt's version of "When She Loved Me". If you haven't heard it, you should. She has a beautiful voice.

i will always love you )
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Challenge; None
Title; Bad People
Words; 606
Notes; I'm sorry! I really really really really am! I tried to cut it down, but my muse was too busy getting me in trouble. ;___; I PROMISE IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN! If it's really not cool, then I'll just take it off.

In other news, it's Riku/Sora friendshipy... thing... centric. It's depressing, but I hope that doesn't turn people off. 8D;; that is if the length doesn't already

why did you tell me? )
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Challenge; [o90] Under Lock and Key
Title; [Not Really] Drama Between Friends
Words; 290
Notes; Kairi/Sora centric~ A more humourous outlook on challenge 90. 8D

Because, yes, lj-cuts are important. +beats self+ )
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Challenge; [o89] No Good Deed (Goes Unpunished)
Title; Dreamcatcher
Word Count; 408
Notes; Mild Hayner/Roxas, and.... not-so mild Sora/Hayner. And for those who aren’t familiar with Japanese customs: a teruterubouzu is paper doll (usually made by little kids) to plead the gods for good weather. It’s also said if you write your wishes on a slip of paper and hang it up on a tree in a shrine the wish will come true, and that your dream on the first night of the year is supposed to come true! Oh, and sorry for the long read. 8D;;

look at what well-meant did )
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Challenge; None
Title; Do You?
Word Count; 238
Notes; Well, I'm back? :D This is sort of my way of getting back into the swing of things~ Riku/Sora!

do you remember? )
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Title: Changing
Challenge: [o68] Time
Words: 311
Notes: Post-KH 2, but it doesn't have spoilers. Like... at all, which is seriously surprising.

Changing )
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Title: Louder than Lies
Words: 338
Notes: Riku/Sora... ish? A bit dark, but kind of lame. Yeah, I don't really like it. But I DO like "Everything But You" by Koo Chung. :D

Louder than Lies )
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Title: Late Knowledge
Words: 583 [I know, I'm sorry! ._.]
Notes: AU, I guess. But I guess it's easy not to see it like that. Shounen-ai, plzkthx. I am extremely sorry about the long-ness of it all. ._. It totally turns off a person, huh? Sorry.... I purposefully didn't write the ending, just to let it up to your imagination. [I like angsty-ness, so you kind of tell what fate I chose, huh? XD]

Late Knowledge )
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Challenge:[o66] Rhyme
Title: Triplet
Words: 179
Notes: Uh, spoilers if you haven't seen the secret ending for KH2. Not really spoilers, just my theory about what I think it kind of all means. But not really. D:

Triplet )
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Title: Dejá-vu
Words: 303
Notes: Friendship!Roxas/Hayner/Olette/Pence. A bit random and weird, but it has a meaning. [I just haven't thought of it yet.]

trying to make it )
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Title: Error of Understanding
Words: 199
Notes: Hayner/Roxas.

i don't want him to understand )
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Title: Hated Tears
Words: 219
Notes: Yes, yes, another cutscene one. D: Last one, but I can't promise. Dx +gets pelted with jelly beans+ Hayner/Roxas again.

Hated Tears )
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Title: Only Half
Words: 137
Notes: I've been having a lot of fun continuing on the ideas of cutscenes lately. D: I should stop. Slight Hayner/Roxas, but I guess it's more platonic than anything else.

Only Half )
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Title: Jealousy [Redone]
Words: 100
Notes: Canon-ly correct. For gunneryunagirl, I guess. Sora/Kairi/Riku sort of. :D

Jealousy Redone )
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Title: Jealousy
Words: 279
Notes: [Have you ever felt really jealous of someone?] Sora/Riku oneside, Riku/Kairi. PG-13-ish? And, in the words of gunneryunagirl, Sora is extremely OOC [Which I'm not saying he isn't].

Jealousy )
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Challenge: Games
Title: Brown Socks
Words: 420
Notes: Slight Roxas/Axel, as much as I despise it. Rated PG-13 for sexual jokes. [And there's close to nothing about brown socks in here.]

Brown Socks )
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Title: Spoony Bard
Words: 291
Notes: I was just playing FFIV like... two seconds ago when that old guy called Edward a 'spoony bard'. I stared at the screen as one thought ran through my mind- "Is that the best Square could think of without making it PG-13? I mean... SPOONY FREAKING BARD." Then I laughed. Then I remembered someone's icon that had Demyx on it and it read 'spoony bard'. And I decided to make this! :D
Spoony Bard )
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Title: Even Better
Words: 199
Notes: Spoilers for the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Even Better )
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Challenge: Yin and Yang
Title: Rivals
Words: 94
Notes: Supposed to include Axel and Demyx somewhere, but it's too vague. D: Oh well. [It's surprising how much it's like that Aerith/Tifa one I did.]

Rivals )
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Title: Fears
Words: 320
Notes: And this is what I think about Sora and his horrible yellow shoes that could kill a baby or small animal if it went on a rampage.

Fears )


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