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Challenge: [180] Narrator
Title: Nightmare
Word Count: 399


The nightmares came first. )
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Challenge: [177] Pretty Lies
Title: The Try
Word Count: 349
Notes: This makes very little sense if you haven’t seen/read Coraline. I apologize, but that’s exactly what this challenge made me think of. So here’s a glance at who else the Belle Dame has had her eyes on.



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Challenge: [176] Very Important Person
Title: Princess
Word Count: 217
Author's Notes: I'm back. Not consistently, but I'm here.

What was she thinking? )
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Challenge: {163}Treasure
Title: Don't Look Away
Word Count: 162
Rating: G


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Challenge: [162] Another Perspective
Title: Nightfall
Word Count: 248
Note: What? Masakomoonshade is back? Why, yes I am. I’m an English teacher now (which is why I’m suddenly sans time) and I’ve been using drabble contests like this to teach my students how to write. They adore it. Forgive me if I've gotten a bit rusty, it's been a while.

She isn't afraid of the Dark. She's afraid of what might happen to the one inside it. )


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Challenge: [151] Surreal
Title: Speaking Mute
Word Count: 524
Warning: Spoilers for near ending of KHII


May. 28th, 2008 10:39 pm
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Gah. Me not write in long time. Just graduate big school. Me vocabulary shot down potty. Gah.

So please forgive my attempt to get back into the groove, if you will.

Basically, I cite the fact that Riku could barely walk when they got into the Beach of Darkness, and when they left he was fit as a fiddle. I'm thinking that at least a week passed whilst they were hanging out there. Could be just short of a year. I made a compromise and called it months.

Title: Months
Warnings: Spoilers for end of KH2, like you needed that warning... bleh.

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Challenge: [142] Destiny
Title: Fairytale
Word Count: 495
Spoilers: End of Beast's Castle cutscenes in KH2
Rating/Warnings: PG, maybe pre-T if you're really conservative.
Notes: ...I'm not sure exactly why I had so much fun writing this one, but I did. So that makes up for any other lack in quality.

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Challenge: [140] Wake up Call
Title: Enforcer
Word Count: 572 (yikes)
Rating: T
Notes: Mild spoiler for the beginning of KH2, some blood and violence, but nothing too extreme

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Challenge: [138] Underappreciated Characters
Title: Mercy
Word Count: 546 (wow, I cut it close…)
(Notes): I think the best way to get to know a character is either to write about him/her or to make a music video. So this particular topic has been gnawing at my brain for a while.
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Challenge: [137] Identity
Title:  Descent and Damnation
Word Count: 348
Rating: PG-13
Note: here's a link to what this stemmed from-- the attack at 3:28 of this clip. And there's spoilers for the end of KH2, I guess, though you'd need to have played the game to have any idea what I'm talking about.
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Word Count: 250
Title: A Million Hearts
Note: This came to me as I was editing a music video… No challenge, just inspiration.

Music Vid can be found HERE.
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Challenge: [133] Triumph and Tragedy
Title: One Song
Word Count: 494
Rating: Nah… G.
Comments: Inspired by One Song Glory, from Rent… though I haven’t heard it in several months.
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Challenge: 112. enchantment
Title: Nothing Wrong With A Little Education
Word Count: 449
Notes: As soon as this idea came to me, I got really embarrassed--after all, this was the first thing to pop into everyone's mind, right? At least, I figured out where I think the inspiration for the challenge came from. But somehow I liked how it went, so here's to a vein of unoriginality, crossovers for which I deserve to be shot... and wonderfully awkward situations.

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Challenge: [109] Loose Ends
Title: Continue to Be
Word Count: 234
Spoilers: Definite spoilers for KH2
Rating/Warnings: PG
Notes: It's kind of bothered me for a while now...
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Challenge: [108] Belle
Title: Loving the Beast
Word Count: 226
Spoilers/Rating: Yep, spoilers for KH1 and2.
Notes: Second entry. Belle's quote is an old proverb I read somewhere. I just thought it odd how they share that one quality in particular...

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Challenge: [108] Belle
Title: Mirror
Word Count: 440
Rating: G
Notes: Some very minor spoilers for COM... but not really.

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Challenge: [107] Savvy
Title: Black Coat
Word Count: 199
Notes: I don't believe there are any spoilers for POTC3... this came from a conversation between Kya and myself that basically lighted on the fact that Davy Jones is a man who is missing his heart... which, by definition, would make him a Nobody. Please forgive the abruptness of this-- my last finals are tomorrow, and up until now I haven't had time to write much of anything, so I'm rather rusty.


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