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Challenge: [285: Jealousy]
Title: Envy is a slow burn
Word Count: 285 ((oAo woah))
these words just flew into a word document. I had no control over them and I'm not sure what any of it even means. I don't know who it is, who he's referring to or when it's happening but here you go.

"I want to be like them, I want to be in the light..." )
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Challenge: [#284 - Nature and Nurture]
Title: The Natural Way of Things
Word Count: 75
Notes: Probable BBS spoilers (god it's been so long I don't even remember anything anymore-sob)
Uhh I think it fits the prompt? But it's way short lol but it's exactly what I had in mind and I didn't wanna force it OTL if it doesn't work I'll be happy to take it down <3
ps. imissedyouguys<3

Maybe... )

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Challenge: [270] Obsession
Title: Can't git enough of the good stuff
Word Count: 317
Notes: .....what the heck hahahah This was almost serious...almost lol <3


Can't git enough )


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Challenge 269: Roles Reversed
Title: That which goes bump in the Light
Word Count:269 ((woah! lol))
Note: What a cool prompt! I might try another one but I had to git this out lol (( huff LJ would NOT let me post this OTLOTLOTL))

That which goes bump in the Light )

That which goes bump in the Light )
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Challenge: 265 Darkness
Word Count: 330
Notes: UHM....Birth By Sleep...character...not sure it really spoils anything but i guess just in case...

All he wanted was the sun... )

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Challenge: [262] Guilty Pleasures
Title: But you look fantastic
Word Count: 305
Notes: Characters are from BBS but I'm pretty sure it's not spoilery. Also I don't think I've written like this before...it's weird..sorry

But you look fantastic~ )


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Challenge: 259 [Say Goodbye]
Title: In the Absence of What's Important
Word Count: 277
Notes: 358 spoilers in the second little excerpt, BBS spoilers in the last one


Say Goodbye )



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Challenge: Non-Challenge~
Title: The Commonalities of Angels
Word Count:236
Notes: ooh~ i've never done a non-challenge entry before~ h-how embarrassing~ lol <3<3


Do Angels exist?... )


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Title: Weird Science
Challenge: [256] Science-Fiction
Characters: Vexen, Repliku
Word Count: 163
Notes: Oh man~ Last time I did one of these, I think we were still in the 100's~ UHM also I have NEVER written as Vexen annnnd I took...the prompt in an abstractish way so if this doesn't qualify...sorry ( i thought cloning was scifi enough and...it's kingdom hearts lol)

Weird Science )

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Challenge 222: Historical AU
Title: City of Ash
Word Count: 148
Notes: Wow~ hi guys! Haven't posted in awhile hahaha

City of Ash )

//BOOM!! hahaha Oh dear~ I couldn't help it. I love the whole Pompeii thing and I adore the hugging couple. I have a link if you wanna see the picture I'm referring to~ <3

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Challenge 216: Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, a fairytale ended.
OTL I'll good at these things eventually ahhaha

Once Upon A Time, A Fairytale Ended... )
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Challenge: [214] Cakewalk
Title: Seduction For Dummies
Word Count: 188
Notes: Post KH II in an...AU sense ahha ...In school...after the second game...so just...post? Iiiii dunno hahah

Long silver hair, sparkley aqua eyes and an deep alluring voice. What a jerk... )
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Challenge: [212] Sweet Things
Title: Sweets lolepictitleisepic
Word Count: 108
Notes: I should just give up OTL Well...I tried to write something enjoyable to read...hahah Also..i know there is a new rule kinda about word count...it can't be less than...such an amount of words But i could not! remember what the limit was. I think it was 100 so hopefully I'm ok haha

Roxas' favorite sweet... )
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Challenge-[208] Doors
Title- Nightmare
Word count- 148 (lol i had to count this manually ahhah =w=''')
Notes- NOT....a disney movie but please please pleeeaasseee let me do it hahha
ALSO! haha to iki_teru: thankyou! haha i totaly forgot about the cut so i reposted it haha♥♥
Nightmare )
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Challenge: [203] Don't get caught
Title: Mad Dash
Word Count: 200
Spoilers: 358/2 Days
Notes: Not reaaaally a spoiler, only that it takes place in game
Sneak past Lumiere and make sure you don't get caught )

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I dub this drabble "Present for Mixy"
hahah cuz she stroked mah ego~ haha
Sorry it sucks~ *fail*

Challenge: None
Title: Burnt Eggs
Word Count:443

Note to self: Sora can't cook )
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Challenge: 198 Exchange
Title: Exchange
Word Count: 81
Notes: Too vague? *sigh* haha lame title is lame haha

Here ya go~ )
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Challenge: 197 Second Chance
Title: Shinedown
WordCount: 122
Notes: Woo~! it's been quite ahwile haha.
Totally listened to Shinedown's Second chance haha each little paragraph thing is a different line from the first two verses ♥

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance )
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Challenge: [194] Gift
Title: Presents Presence
Word Count: 59
Notes: Oh man It's been awhile hmmmm~? hahha This is my shortest drabble so far hahha annnnd title is lame haha

Happy Birthday )


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