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Haven't heard from the mods about closing the challenge (anybody know the status of this?), and I got inspired again to write this little piece of fluff. :D

That said, mods, if you guys rule that this is late (which it obviously really really is) and can't be in the challenge, I'm fine with that. I just figured I'd post it anyway because this community gives really useful feedback. Thanks to all of you for that - I can tell I'm becoming a better writer because of you, and other people viewing my writing have commented on it as well. Y'all rock. :D

Title: Somewhere Out There
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None to speak of.
Notes: My single favorite KH moment to date is still the scene near the very beginning of KH1 where the trio are theorizing about travel to other worlds.

Sometimes, there are really good days. )
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Challenge: [309] Worlds
Title: For No Man Is An Island
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: KH3D spoilers ahoy!
Notes: Kind of a metaphorical take on the prompt. This… went in a direction I wasn’t entirely expecting. Lots of thoughts and feels on the nature of worlds in Kingdom Hearts, and how people and worlds are similar. Metaphysics, love the metaphysics.

A Keyblade Master is a world unto himself. )
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Challenge: [308] Forgiveness
Title: All’s Well That Ends Well
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: KH1, just to be safe. Takes place during the end credits of KH1.
Notes: This was my favorite part of the ending to the first game, honestly.
Also, I’m back! 2013 can go hang, as a year. It’s been beating up on me pretty much consistently since January, but hopefully that’s done with and I can start posting regularly again. Kingdom Hearts has been in my head a lot recently, so hopefully that will help with writing productivity!

Look what the cat dragged in! )
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Challenge: [300] The End Of The World... Or Not
Title: Thoughtless Hyperbole
Word Count: 125
Notes: Inspired by the fact that it drives me crazy when people do this. Also, someday I will come up with an idea in the actual first week of a challenge. This is not that challenge. Slow writer is slow.
Sora hears the words spoken in jest, in thoughtless hyperbole, and it makes him grit his teeth. )
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Challenge: [299] Birthday
Title: Daily Celebrations
Word Count: 110
Notes: Not entirely happy with the way I’ve written Luxord here. I find him to be much more elegant than I’ve been able to express while keeping this brief, but expanding it didn’t help either. Concrit welcomed if you have advice on this.

Of all the worlds he has visited on his work, Wonderland is the one he finds the most comfortable. )
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Challenge: [298] Magnum Opus
Title: Necessary Waiting
Word Count: 100 exactly
Notes: I couldn't not write this, once I thought of this idea.
An exhilarating feeling... )
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Challenge: [297] The Masks We Wear
Title: Flaws In Design
Word Count: 100 exactly
Notes: No spoilers beyond KH1, though some very general references to FF7 and FF8. The problem Cid rants about here has always bothered me. Also, profanity. Because, well, Cid.

It ain’t right, making a kid do that. )
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Challenge: [296] Hypothetical
Title: There But For The Grace
Word Count: 100 exactly
Warning: Takes place at the end of KH 3D, but only very vague spoilers. Also, what a kickass challenge. Awesome choice of prompt!

There but for the Grace go I… )
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Challenge: [295] Finale
Title: Letting Them Go
Word Count: 250
Warning: Spoilers for backstory in BBS.
Notes: Related to the this one I wrote for the last challenge, but you don’t really need to read that to understand this one. It may turn into a series, we’ll see. More brief notes at the end.
The hardest part of teaching is letting them go. )
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Challenge: [294] Starting Out
Title: Those Who Can
Word Count: 225
Warnings : Speculation about characters from BBS, but no actual spoilers beyond basic character concept. Also, this drabble is sad in ways that are close enough to the real world to bother some people, so I’m warning for it.
I’m not sure I like this. I’ve been sitting on it, trying to make it better. But I think it’s as good as it’s going to get. It was really hard to write, because I despise Eraqus with a burning passion, and this was an experiment in sympathy. The only thing I really like is the title.

Those who can, teach. )
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Hi! New here! I've been reading this comm periodically for some time, and finally managed to make myself write for it. This prompt wouldn't leave me alone. :)
I don't know if it's too late to count for the challenge, since the deadline is past but the "challenge closed" post isn't up yet. If so, I'm fine with that.

Challenge: [275] Legend
Title: We Finally Meet
Word Count: 123

We finally meet... )


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