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Challenge silence
title Somehow
word count 253
notes meh...it ran away five hundred miles ahead of me...

I'll come back to you, I promise )

Edit on July 22, I didn't like the way some things were worded.
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Title Splintering Pains
Word Count 148
notes the emotion is there, at least it was suppose to be....

Isn't it beautiful )
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Challenge Odd Pairing
Title Mine
Word Count204
NotesxDD this is all Snarechan's fault, she mentioned it and now I've had this stuck in my head ever since the beginning of the challenge.

Mine )
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challengeOdd Pairing
Title*&^*$#@ is for Good-Bye
word count135
notes inspired by the game xDD

#@^$ $#^%$#@ 'click me' )
one of my weirder ones. *Dies* xDD


Jun. 30th, 2005 09:38 pm
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Challenge: Elation (second entry)
Title: She knows All
Word Count: 212
Notes: I really sux at the happy thing ;__; I hope this is better.. Warning: mentioned boy/boy coupling.

why is she so smily? )
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Challenge: Elation
Title: Nothing Hurts
Word Count: 117
Notes:... I dun think I did a very good job w/ the "happy" thing...

And Nothing Bleeds )
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Challenge: Childhood
Title: Blinking
word count: 113
notes:... I heart Yuffie, and it shows xDD

Time passes quicker than you can imagine )
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I've had to fight all these foo-foo images in my head all day, of KH people dancing to Phantom of the Opera's song "Masquerade".
F.Y.I. no, that's not what this drabble is about.
Word Count: 120 (exclusive of lyrics)

Masquerade )

it's a little... weird I suppose.. oO I haven't been to drabble land in so long!


Apr. 17th, 2005 09:45 pm
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been gone way too long oO.
Challenge: Fragile
title: Alabaster
word count:366
notes: um.. started out, basically with the song, and it spiraled out of control.. mrowr.

hidden from the truth )

self is way out of practice of drabbles *dies*
edit: 4-18-05; ending slightly altered. Dunno if it's any better thou...

You and I

Mar. 1st, 2005 04:07 pm
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title: You and I
challenge: Lullaby
word count: 107

You and I )
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Because I am obsessed and this imagery got firmly lodged between my ears (next to the image of the Fruits Basket cast doing the same general thing)set pre-pre-kingdom hearts

Challenge: None
Title: Games
Word Count:120
Sing to me my Angel )

Because the emotional trauma I can feel already building from something that is in the process of happening. Set pre-pre kingdom hearts.
Challenge: None
Title: Now I lay me Down to Sleep
Word Count:104

Read more... )
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Because it would be amusing if something like this ever did happen. It's not my best. I just woke up thirty minutes ago xDD

Challenge: Luck
Title: The Bigger They Are
Word Count: 236

Out with a Splash! )
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I've been looking for the stupid picture ALL DAY LONG and I can't find one that is re-drawable size.... no; i will not say what picture that is. read the drabble and you'll figure it out xDD
challenge: none.. except for the challenge to make it leave my head.
title: Of Wings and Kings
word count: 453 *squirms at length*
Those-stone-wings )
Know it now? anyone care to help me out? xDD
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... something I swore I'd never write.. something I have no idea how this will end; but it hit me in the head like a three hundred pound heffalump.... get my drift?
Challenge: Ever After (second entry)
Title: Finale
word count: 405

see-inside-panel-for-details )
Yea, I know... this was.. super weird....
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... I heart Selphie? xDD i'm so weird.

Challenge: none (randomness!! ph33r it)
Title: Flowers
Wordcount: 101
flowers-for-you )
hey... I can see that happening...

Challenge: None
Title: Mirrors
Word count: 128
look-at-that )
because i've always wondered "what if they did?"


Jan. 25th, 2005 02:28 pm
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this is ANOTHER one that is going to haunt me till next tuesday -___-....

Title: Story-tales
challenge: ever after
word count: 186
notes: xDD ph33r teh qu33n of angst
turn-the-page-please )

OMG. I think I have an issue with happy stories o.O... meh... it's weird...
Edited on Friday the twenty eighth for more realistic people speech xDD
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I was struck by the drabble_bug today in class... and wrote. Yes; it is another entry for the challenge (it attacked me xD)
ph33r my w3irdn3ss

Challenge: Winter (second entry)
Title: Innocent
Word count: 192
Snowy )
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Title: Touch like Snow
Challenge: Winter
Touch )

n00b xDD

Jan. 9th, 2005 12:49 pm
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i'm new here and thought i would post this. it isn't much really...

challenge: none
Title: She Drew
Word Count:142

She Drew )
it's a tad weird... xDD


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