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Challenge: [100] One-Hundred
Title: Full Circle
Word count: 535
Spoilers: Nope. I don't even know what happens in the new scenes in FM+.
Notes: ... I'm late. D8 I will regret this for the rest of my life. x3 Well, whatever. Enjoy~

The crisp snap of the door shutting was the last thing he heard. )
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Challenge: [o98] Mother
Title: One More Stop
Word count: 668
Spoilers: 8D this should not be a problem anymore
Notes: ... i wrote this because i like lame, fuzzy, overly sentimental squoosh? probably. yes. ♥

Wander, wander )
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Challenge: None
Title: Take Five
Word count: 504
Spoilers: =3 As long as you know what a Dancer can do to you...
Notes: Inspired by this picture by [livejournal.com profile] sicarius66. All the Dancer's names are Indian just because I think they're pretty. As an added bonus, the majority of the names are from the girls in my own dance class. 8D I'm a dork. Really. And Margaret was the most British girl name I could think of. 4srs.

Read more... )
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Challenge: [o96] Delight
Title: Don't look directly at it
Word count: 586
Spoilers: As long as you've finished KHII...
Notes: I swear I came up with this idea while I was eating. XD That, and I was listening to Rhythms of the Pridelands... well. Crack. XD Funny crack, I hope.

Kairi wasn't sure what to expect when Sora invited her to the Pridelands. )
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Challenge: [None. Yup. You heard me.]
Title: Heartless
Word count: 371
Spoilers: ... Please tell me you've played KHII by now. Yes?
Notes: Uuuuhhh... I write random stoof? Yoss. Yoss I do. I also need to consider that I've missed four prompts straight. Sheesh. EDITS: Because I'm a perfectionist freak. XD

Camera pans down on the Station of Calling... I think... )
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Challenge: [091] Invincible
Title: Spar
Word count: 557
Spoilers: This drabble is pre KHII friendly!
Notes: I know you guys missed me. *crickets* XD Um, Mickey is training Riku, his young padawan, after leaving teh Castle Oblivion. Stuff happens. Some of it's a little silly. Involves Mickey being ninja to the max. Yeah.

The grass along the path away from the castle whispered and breathed. )
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Challenge: [085] Alive
Title: Chase Scene
Word count: 696
Rating: PG, for one little swear.
Spoilers: KHII please play kthx.
Notes: I'm going to hell for this crossover. XD Please forgive me.

They soared through the double doors and into the main hallway. )
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Challenge: [085] Alive
Title: Weight of the Anchor
Word count: 503
Rating: G. Ya rly!
Spoilers: Nyhhh. Play up to three fourths of KHII and you'll be fine.
Notes: Has nothing to do with anchors. Maybe. =3 I hope the "alive" part came through; I feel like I barely touched it... Meant to be thoughtful and introspective, probably turned out pretentious and wordy. XD; Oh well.

He sets her on the bed, arranging her arms and legs like a china doll )

Hmmm. I wonder if I should post for "Dust" anyway... I had a good idea, but... =3 *is lazeh*
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Challenge: [083] Reflections
Title: Report 23, Subject: Concerning Existence
Word count: 706. D=
Rating: PG, for a bit of squicky.
Spoilers: Finish the first half of KHII and you'll be fine.
Notes: >< I soooooooooooo ramblied all over this drabble. Um. Yeah. It'll make sense in the end, I promise; Vexen's just wordy like that. =3 I thought I was late, but I guess not~

Hypothesis: If one exists, then others cannot doubt that they are alive. )
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Challenge: [078] Trick or Treat
Title: Change of Pace
Word count: 579. Hoyes. =D
Spoilers: None, unless you STILL haven't finished KH2. D=
Notes: Squeaking in with a bit of silliness. Just plain silliness. XD The Sorikai interaction, with some of my female instincts added in. XD I hope no one feels too scandalized by it.

Oh, come on, I know we've all been dying to do it... )
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Challenge: [078] Close to you
Title: Share
Word count: 557. Hoyes. =D
Notes: No snipping needed, to my utter delight. XD Based off an idea I had after beating KH2 during the summer. I started the drabble, stopped, started again, completely forgot about it, then completely scrapped what I had by today and made up this on the spot in about an hour and a half. XD Hope it's not too unreadable. The tone is a bit more on the lines of my "Martyr" entry. ^^ Sorikai-centric, le gasp.

One does peculiar things when their consciousness isn't fully there. )
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Early again. Wheeee~. :DDD

Challenge: [078] Tidying Up
Title: Blameless Acts
Word count: 836. *kilt again*
Spoilers: Lalalala. Play KH2 plx?
Notes: ^^ Ooooh, dearie me. I am really stretching the Disney thing thin this time. Actually, I think the Disney element kinda died, here. XD;;;; Oh well. Can't be worse than all the other KH/Harry Potter/[insert anime here] crossovers I've seen. ^^ I wish the original movie was more like this, though... PS, A SERIOUS DRABBLE FROM THANO COMING YOUR WAY. :oooo

More of a character study than anything. *cackles* Just remember; the best actors are the ones of whom you never expect anything at all...

A man with a silver tongue came to talk to the gods. )
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Guess what?

I'm early.


Challenge: [077] Martyr
Title: Lexaeus and the Brief Encounter
Word count: 567
Spoilers: Again, playing through CoM wouldn't hurt...
Notes: I didn't have to even cut it down this time! Win! :D *dances* Well, this was a somewhat cracky idea that I had been pondering even before the prompt, so maybe that's why I got it in so early -_-;... And yes, that is a stupid title. It'll make sense within context, though.

He opened a portal and walked into a warm summer's day. )


... Maybe I should write one more... I have plenty of time left... NO! I have far too much on my plate right now. XD Well, maybe... *hopes and prays people like this one*
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Challenge: [076] Fairy Tales (Late. Again. I PHAIL.)
Title: Stuff of Legends
Word count: 794 *kilt dede*
Spoilers: Playing through CoM wouldn't hurt...
Notes: ... Alba, please don't kill me. *cringes* It didn't come together until tonight, I swear. Takes place during Roxas' bit in the beginning of KHII, but... well, you'll see. ^^

Why is the drabble so loooong...? DDD: )
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Challenge: [75] Dance (... Yes I missed it SHURRUP. >>)
Title: Initial Implementation
Words: 564
Rating: G
Characters: Tron and Aerith
Spoilers: Well, you'll need to play the game to get the joke...
Notes: ... I MISSED THE DEADLINE. Nooooooooo...

... Well, just some Radiant Garden fun for ya. Kinda explains a scene from the end of KHII too. ^^

Aerith's fingers fluttered over the keys. )
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Challenge: (NON-CONTEST!) [74] Mistake
Title: Redial
Word count: 668
Character(s): Pence
Rating: It's G.
Spoilers: Ummm, well, if you haven't played KHII...
Notes: I think I should've sent in this one to the contest instead of the other one... Eh. ^^ What can you do? FFIX cameo! :D

*snipsnip* )
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Challenge: None
Title: Disapproval
Word Count: 68
Spoilers: Same warnings as the last.
Notes: To be read right after "Enfants". A short follow-up that popped into my head that kinda made me giggle. ^^;

HAHAHA I'm stupid. ^^ )
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Challenge: [074] Mistake
Title: Enfants de Dieu
Word Count: 597 (didn't have to cut it down this time! *jigs*)
Spoilers: If you do not know of the side-burns, SHAME ON YOU. DX Also, if you haven't seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame... slight spoilage.
Notes: XD I hope the French flows well. I had quite a few headaches about it, let me tell you. ><

Babelfish = HATE )

X-posted at my lj.
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Challenge: None
Title: Curiousity
Word Count: 686 *ducks*
Characters: Riku, Ariel, brief Sora
Pairings: Light touch of Riku/Ariel
Spoilers: Well, you'd might as well play KHII before this, or else you might think Riku's way OOC. ><
Notes: A request of Riku/Ariel crack. XD No hard stuff, just fluffyfluffy goodness.



Aug. 14th, 2006 04:12 am
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Challenge: [72]Desperation
Title: the second lesson
Words: 666 (Sorry, gang. At least the number's interesting. Ahaha.)
Characters: Axel-centric, Sora and Roxas guest-starring.
Spoilers: If you haven't gotten to TWTNW, you shouldn't read this.
Notes: Something more experimental and disjointed. Besides, this bunny's been nibbling my toes since I played this part of the game, and it hurts. TT_TT

lowercase is fun )


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