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Challenge: [308] Forigveness
Title: Reflections
Word Count: 226
Notes: Sorta spoilers for KH3D? Set after the series, or how I hope for it to be. I'm a bit rusty at drabble writing ha ha.

He should apologize, shouldn't he?

Read more )
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Challenge: [257] The Rules
Title: Self Imposed Red Tape
Word Count: 589
Notes: I've been roleplaying these two out a lot with some one, and this hit me as soon as I saw the prompt.

You're the only thing I love, it scares me more every day )
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Title: Sunshine High
Challenge: [256] Science Fiction
Word Count: 201
Notes: I've actually had this in my mind forever, and now I have the time to write it out! Glee. 

They can't break me as long as I know who I am )
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Challenge: [238] Blood
Title: Crimson Shoes
Word Count: 116
(anything else): On a Lesser who is just as much a threat as it is a performer.

Crimson Shoes

Doesn't she seem so human? )
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Challenge:236 - Memento
Title: Hakata
Word Count: 452
(anything else): Hakata is the means by one uses bones in divination. There's also osteomancy, but I liked this better. (8 Anyway, more dealings with the Lessers! Also, expect a bit of what I've dubbed 'Lesser speech', where they refer to people (and occassionally things) a bit differently.


In which the past and future is read. )
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Challenge: [221] Spellbound
Title: Magic in Her Footsteps
Word Count: 399
Spoilers: None
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings
Notes: Due to the wonderful nature of roleplaying and just the Kingdom Hearts fandom in general, one can come up with all sorts of neat little backstory events. <3 Also, uh, this probably only vaguely ties in with the challenge...? Whoops. It kind of makes more sense if you can realize what job class is being hinted at. Also, written for a friend. She knows who she is.

Magic in Her Footsteps

A special something... )
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Challenge: [219] Shenanigans
Title: Lesson Learned?
Word Count: 301
(anything else): I have a guilty adoration of the apprentice era, even if BBS did smash my hopes and dreams. Speaking of which! There are no spoilers for BBS in here. Yay? Oh, and, uh, Braig has a potty mouth. Watch out for that, those of you with delicate sensitivities.

Lesson Learned?

I admit myself fond of the idea of a nerd war. )
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Challenge: [197] Second Chance
Title: Just Another Word for Eternity
Word Count: 280
Notes: Er, characters from 358/2 days and Birth By Sleep are mentioned? But there are no spoilers, so no worries. Also, OT3s are celebrated in this, so yeah. I also feel I could have made this better, but that's just how I work. |D

Just Another Words for Eternity

The paopu legend explained. )
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Challenge: [197] Second Chance
Title: Fade from Red
Word Count: 174
(anything else): Yes, I am aware of the hypocrisy behind my previous statement of saying we need more humor and now writing sad stuff. Thank you. -facepalm-

Fade from Red

Please. )

[196] Rated

Aug. 6th, 2009 09:25 am
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Challenge: [196] Fifty Words
Title: Rated
Word Count: 34, I believe
Notes:You guys need more humor. Now. D:<

This is why Zexion no longer participates in movie nights at TCTNW. )
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Challenge: [194] Gift
Title: A Little Heart
Word Count: 600 (HA HA, CUTTING IT SO CLOSE.)
(anything else): Ace of Spades is Xemnas, Four of Spades is Xion (but no spoilers, chill), and Queen of Hearts is Naminé. The credit for those little titles goes to Amber. Oh, and there's Lesser Nobody yuri. You heard me. 8D

The gift that keeps on giving, and we're not talking fruitcake. )
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Once upon a time.  )

Challenge: [191] One-Liner
Title: Introduction
Word Count: 48
(anything else): This is actually something I'm reusing. >3> Please don't think any less of me? But yeah, after at_splicken posted her drabble, I had the sudden urge to post something even though I hadn't been planning to. Mostly because I was braindead.  |D But yeah, not expecting to win, but just hope you all enjoy the drabble.


Once Upon a Time )
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Challenge: [189] Poker Face
Title: Definition of Thunder and Wind
Word Count: 450
Notes: I honestly wish there were more scenes anywhere with Fuu and Rai, because I want to wiggle into their heads so bad, I swear. I have no idea if I got the guy's voice right. D8 Although the funny thing that it has been thundering a bit and a little windy around where I live, so maybe this is a sign?

Can you keep a secret? )
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Title: Pens and Swords
Challenge: 187, strength
Word Count: 138
Other: I really should stop writing about Org. members or just Zexion in particular, but I can't help it. XD I just find antagonists fascinating and I can put them through all sorts of hell in fanfics and roleplays and not feel guilty! :D So yeah. I also kind experimented with a poem kinda style. I don't know.

So you'd best realize... )
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Challenge: [185] Heatwave
Title: Crumpled Memories
Word Count: 314
(anything else):
  First of all, there's a bit of a shout-out to ts_soliloquy, who just finished her fic "Beating Drum Heart", which is awesome and you should go read, because you can never have enough crack pairings or Lexaeus, especially since it's May. That said, here's MY crack pairing to you all. Enjoy.
(I think I was also going to do something completely different, what was- Oh! Right. Fuu/Naminé.  But then this came up.)

These are the last things she remembers.  )


Feb. 27th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Challenge: [178] Passion
Title: Remnant
Word Count: 175
Other: Er, hello? Newbie here. Please don't kill me. D:  I mean, pleasure to meet you.

That same old constant. )


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