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Challenge: [227] Food
Title: Lady of the Less-Than-Nothings
Word Count: 594
Notes: Oh, wow, I just used this prompt for posting an old drabble of mine on my personal fic journal. :) I think all KH fans are linked by telepathy, sometimes. Or... maybe it's our hearts that are connected ♥- *hit* It's a couple years old now, but I think I did originally intend it to be an entry for here, so might as well use it. x)

They come to her, like moths to a flame. )
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Challenge: [220] Sunshine
Title: Open Your Heart
Word Count: 479
Notes: She liiiiives. *smack'd* Haha, this was written as part of a crazy self-assigned Valentine's Day week challenge last month, and is also sorta supposed to be a sequel to Can We Keep Him?. Also, I have next to no idea if this fits the prompt well enough, so I don't mind changing it to a non-entry. {xD

Oh oh! Also, in my head, dogs tend to speak with weird proper nouns, so don't mind the weird captilization when Dug speaks at times. ♥

Let the sunshine in! )
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Challenge: [None/[livejournal.com profile] crimsoncookie's incredibly belated birthday present?]
Title: A Dark and Stormy Nightmare
Word Count: 439
Notes: Aaaaaaaaah I haven't posted here in how long? Months. Months and months. School has eaten my life. :c I'm sorry if this is terrible Ceci, but I tried. ;A;
PG-13. Sort of maybe spoilers for KH2. Saïx/Kairi, Neil Gaiman character cameo.

Love belongs to desire, and desire is always cruel. )
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Challenge: [196] Fifty Words
Title: Fan Fiction
Word Count: 50
Notes: Ahaha, I'm sorta nervous about this one. Oh well. Based off an in-joke/conversation.

Xigbar has a new hobby. )
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Challenge: [193] Destruction
Title: The Course Never Did Run Smooth
Word Count: 457
Notes: ...Xaldin has taken up residence in my head this summer. I don't know either.

O cross! O spite! O hell! )
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Challenge: [190] Liar
Title: Can We Keep Him?
Word Count: 327
Notes: Despite the summary and my friend-shippy tendancies, this actually isn't Luxord&Naminé. And you knew this crossover was going to have to happen eventually. Probably slightly cracky. xD

It's a lie every quasi-father figure has to deal with at some point. )
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Challenge: [189] Poker Face
Title: Play the One That’s On His Heart
Word Count: 432
Notes: I swear I won't write about Luxord next time. Really. Honestly. But this is my OTP and the prompt fit too well and this idea's been playing around with me for a coupla weeks anyway. Slice-of-life AU!

She doesn’t look like a gambler. )
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Challenge: [186] Black and White
Title: Glass Houses
Word Count: 466
Notes: ...we have nine entries already? I have absolutely no clue where that title came from. Aaaaand this makes more sense if you've seen The Incredibles and Lilo & Stitch. And even then, I doubt it works, what with my annoying habit of being ~*vague*~.

PG-13 for the mention of a violent death (?).

A Nobody, a Super, and morality issues. )
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Inspired to post by Challenge: [184] Brothers
Title: Elysium
Word Count: 726
Notes: Yeah, so obviously this is too long to enter the challenge, but I wrote it a couple days ago and it threatened me to post it.

Mild violence is greater than and equal to love. )
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Challenge: [181] Watch
Title: The Prisons We Choose
Word Count: 598 (\o/)
Notes: Because where Xaldin and Xigbar don't need much of an explanation, my other OTF sorta does. Just for fun, but entering for kicks(?)!

The Master chooses to wait. )
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Challenge: [178] Passion
Title: The Best-Laid Plans
Word Count: 365
Notes: I started shaking as I finished writing this. This either means I was excited or I am colder than I realize. OTP for All of Time?

Being the Keyblade Wielder of Darkness has some drawbacks. )
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Challenge: [177] Pretty Lies
Title: scio me nihil scire
Word Count: 380
Notes: Ha, title is kind of lazy philosophy reference. This isn't really that deep, but it is more depressing than the cut text would make you believe. I need to get my head out of my head-canon or something.

Kairi didn't know anything. Really. )
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Challenge: [176] Very Important Person
Title: I'm Ready for My Close-Up
Word Count: 452
Notes: Takes place shortly before Sora, Donald and Goofy land in Port Royal. The VIP in question is Miss Swann. (Somebody needs to surgically remove Luxord from my brain. This is getting ridiculous.)

If I'm Casanova, then you're a supernova. )
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Title: Futility
Word Count: 375
Notes: The other day, I was skipping through the Chain of Memories manga, and got to the part where the Replica and Sora say they both 'remember' promising to protect Namine. And here I am, in a head canon where my mind gives her two other protectors from her days back in Never Was. So I guess this is my attempt to rein in my mind? I don't know. (sorry, I felt like I had to post here again before I completely lost my comfort zone ahaha don't kill me) NOT SAFE FOR THE CHEELDREN.

noun: the quality of being incapable of producing any result )
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Challenge: [170] Insomnia
Title: Sorridere di Nuovo
Word Count: 376
Notes: Title means "to smile again" in Italian, if I remember my classes last year correctly. I need to stop writing these two, geeze.

I am just a figment of your imagination. I can't give you any new information. )
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Challenge: [169] Protection
Title: Here's Looking at You, Kid
Word Count: 446
Notes/Fun Fact: My canon-parental-replacement-ship strikes again! In regards to the title: "Rick's remark to Ilsa... is not in the draft screenplays, but has been attributed to something Bogart said to Bergman as he taught her poker between takes." ~ Casablanca Wikipedia article

Something is scratching its way out. )
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Challenge: [166] Drink Me
Title: Beta Potion #552
Word Count: 555
Notes: Um, entering this with a little push from le mod [livejournal.com profile] crimsoncookie. Orginally done for [livejournal.com profile] sparkism at [livejournal.com profile] kh_request. Bad language. Lots of it, kiddies. (It's all Xigbar's fault, really.)

Luxord and Larxene have a drinking contest. A couple rounds in, Xigbar is called to investigate. )
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Challenge: [165] Kiss
Title: Good Night and Good Luck
Word Count: 578
Notes: The question is, does this end in hopeful AU or tragic canon? Thank you for the motivation, [livejournal.com profile] fated_bliss! ♥

Take these chances, we'll make it somehow. )
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Challenge: [163] Treasure
Title: Ninety-Nine
Word Count: 302
Notes: She's only briefly mentioned, but I grew up with 'Aeris' so... that's how I spell it, alright?

It's safe to say Sora didn't see it coming. )


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