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Challenge: [267] Left Behind
Title: Man's Best Friend
Word Count: 307
Notes: I don't usually do second entries, but this one hit me like a ton of bricks and got written in twenty minutes flat. This particular character needs more love, IMO.

His master always talked with him before he left. )
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Challenge: [267] Left Behind
Title: The Most Difficult Decision
Word Count: 249
Notes: I've always wanted to mess around with this sort of concept, and I'm pretty pleased with how this came out. Also, I missed you guys! It's been a while. ♥

She never saw it coming. )
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Title: Half the Battle
Challenge: [265] Darkness
Word Count: 235
Notes: I don't think I'm ever going to be happy with the ending to this one, but due to upcoming IRL events I either post it now or never, so here it is. Also, I have a terrible weakness for angsty headcanon back story, especially where no back story is given. Per usual, there are SPOILERS for Birth By Sleep.

He knew darkness. )
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Title: Snakes In the Grass
Challenge: [263] Bad Guys
Word Count: 100
Notes: I went through a few old drabbles this weekend, and this turned up. The original prompt for me was an old song by Jim Stafford called "Spiders and Snakes" - make of that what you will. As it is, I'm not used to writing such short pieces. It's definitely different.

He saw it his second time through. )
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Title: Such a Girl Sometimes
Challenge: [262] Guilty Pleasures
Word Count: 582
Notes: Wow, this one came about fast. This is also what happens when my RP brain cozies up to my drabble brain and asks it to dance.

After training this week, Aqua hadn't had much time to herself. )
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Title: Can I Keep It?
Challenge: [261] Disobey
Word Count: 600
Notes: Kitties and bitties. That's all I have, folks: kitties and bitties.

Terra, the Master's not going to like this. )
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Title: Not Quite
Word Count: 590
Notes: BBS SPOILERS LIKE WHOA. I finally get my writing drive back after two weeks, and it goes straight here. Go figure. This is a companion piece to Cold Comfort, which means it's another in the line of KH/Discworld crossovers. Also, Pratchett-esque footnotes are not as easy as they seem.

The world itself was dead. )
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Title: Gratitude
Challenge: [259] Say Goodbye
Word Count: 530
Notes: SPOILERS FOR BBS. I've had this idea kicking around for a bit; this was the perfect prompt to finally get it pinned down. Writing it made me feel like I should call my parents.

He'd been putting it off for a while. )
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Title: Take Two Grown-Ups: Attention Space Travelers
Word Count: 214
Notes: Terra promised his friends a vacation. What happens when he takes a wrong turn and lands them not at Disney Town, but at Disneyland? Previous chapters: 1

"Space Mountain opened in 1977, invigorating a decade-old Tomorrowland as Disneyland's second roller coaster." - Wikipedia. It's an entirely dark coaster, has the longest line of any attraction in the park (with the occasional exception of Roger Rabbit) at any given moment, and is totally worth the wait. For those who haven't been to Disneyland, I have a video for your viewing pleasure.

They'd been told by another visitor that a long line meant an attraction was popular and therefore good. )

Title: Take Two Grown-Ups: We're Gonna Do It Right This Time
Word Count: 375
Notes: "Captain EO is a 3-D film starring Michael Jackson and directed by Francis Ford Coppola that was shown at Disney theme parks from 1986 through the 1990s. The attraction returned to the Disney theme parks in 2010, as a tribute after Jackson's death." - Wikipedia. I have a friend who describes this video - both parts - as being "battered and deep-fried in 80s." It's a hilariously accurate description. The twenty-minute film also uses outdated 3D, which will really mess with your eyes after about...ten minutes. Yeah.
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for Deep Space.

Aqua and Ven assured him that they'd stop laughing at the face he'd unintentionally made for the camera on Space Mountain. )
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Title: Ships Made of Candy
Challenge: [256] Science Fiction
Word Count: 597
Notes: My brain processes "science fiction" as "spaceships," which pretty much explains where this came from. Fun fact: the title is also my "cool it" argument when arguments over canon get too serious. (This is not serious business! We have ships made of candy!)

The second Ansem the Wise had informed them that Mickey had come from another world using a ship, well, that was it. )
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Title: True Neutral
Challenge: [255] Tabula Rasa
Word Count: 459
Notes: I think this is my first time doing a piece like this, but I might try it more often; vague sentience is strangely fun to toy with. The title was originally "Influence," but then I got caught up in various unrelated alliance charts and liked this one better.

At its very base, its nature was blank. )
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Title: Take Two Grown-Ups: The Happiest Place On Earth
Word Count: 337
Notes: Terra promised his friends a vacation. What happens when he takes a wrong turn and lands them not at Disney Town, but at Disneyland?

I am a huge Disneyland nut and this series (yes, there will be more than one of these) has been eating at my brain for a while. This one's just the starter. Someday, I will stop spamming this comm. Today is not that day, I think. Also, this one is non-spoilery; I will warn if individual drabbles contain spoilers.

Terra, where are we? )
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Title: Her Father's Daughter
Challenge: [254] Expressions of Love
Word Count: 600
Notes: This wanted to be quite a bit longer than it wound up being, by about five pages. Should be spoiler-free, and I have no idea why the future!fic bug bit me as hard as it did, but this is the result.

She'd bitten back a yell when he threw himself in front of the creature's claws, taking a blow that had been meant for her. )
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Title: Cold Comfort
Word Count: 599
Notes: BBS SPOILERS LIKE WHOA. Also, this makes a lot more sense if you're into Discworld, since it's effectively a crossover.

It was one thing to read about out-of-body experiences, or to have had one while meditating. )
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Title: Cat's In the Cradle
Challenge: [253] Polar Opposites
Word Count: 301
Notes: MAJOR BBS SPOILERS. Yes, according to the KH Wiki, that is that Keyblade's name. Yes, the ages are headcanon, but that's more for the timeline effect than anything else. Yes, this is named after the Harry Chapin song that makes me bawl every time, sob. No, I will probably never have a straightforward interpretation of a prompt.

At eight, he was certain. )
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Title: Comfort and Joy
Challenge: [250] Sugar and Spice
Word Count: 323
Notes: BBS (again) but completely nonspoilery. This one's heavy on the sugar, but it's the holidays and who doesn't want a little holiday sweetness? Plus, these three in Christmastown was too good to pass up.

For Terra, it wasn't the discovery of a world that was Christmas every day... )
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Title: And Follow the Lights Home
Challenge: [249] Candlelight
Word Count: 426
Notes: MAJOR BBS SPOILERS. Also, I realize I'm on the wrong holiday for this one. I tend to do that sometimes.

Master, what are those lights? )
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Title: Verdict
Challenge: [247] Conviction
Word Count: 288
Notes: SPOILERS FOR BBS. Also, conviction has more than one definition. I quite enjoyed playing with that.

What do you make of them? )
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Challenge: [244] Radiant Garden
Title: It's a Start
Word Count: 456
Notes: BBS SPOILERS AHEAD. Even the notes are spoilery! )

It's a mess; It's a start; It's a flawed work of art )
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Title: Following the Rules
Challenge: [243] Fear
Word Count: 532
Notes: BBS, but not spoilery. Part of my growing headcanon about young Terra and Aqua's training. I also have no idea how I wound up with something so cute from a prompt like "fear," but there you have it.

He'd done this before, on his own. )


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