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Name:KH Drabble Community
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This is a drabble challenge community for the Squaresoft/Disney game Kingdom Hearts. All entries are accepted so long as they stay within a drabble range (ie from fifty words to about six hundred, the max, but even so it's kind of stretching it). Please write in the spirit of the community.

Note: Need a prompt but coming up empty? Have no fear and check out our Prompt Post for helpful suggestions and feel free to submit a few of your own! ♥

Rules (a.k.a things you might want to take note of)

1. Spellcheck is your friend. So is grammarcheck. Heck, if it's only 50-600 words long, it can't be that difficult to check, is it? Seriously, check it. I don't want to limit members to screening them first to check that they can spell and have correct grammar. If you still worry about missing out mistakes (we all do), I’m pretty sure a friend would be on hand to help you! Or you could ask a friend in the community.

2. The format of your entry should be like this:

Word Count:
(anything else):

If you don't have a program that counts your words for you, here's one. Or you can go to Memories and access the site from there.

Put your entry under an LJ-cut. Fake cuts are NOT allowed, because we archive every entry and if your journal goes boom, so does the entry your fake-cut leads to.

3. Het, Gen, Yaoi, Yuri is allowed. However, please try to refrain from issuing blatantly NC-17 challenges as some of our members may not like it. You can refrain from joining the current challenge too if you wish.

4. Disney and Final Fantasy worlds and characters not included within the Kingdom Hearts series are all fair game, but your drabbles need to be connected to Kingdom Hearts in some way.

5. Drabbles for the challenges need to be in your own words. Small intro quotations with credit are fine, but please keep extended quotations out of the drabbles themselves.

Exceptions would be traditional rhymes, word games, and other written pieces not under copyright - but please make sure even these are woven into your own writing, rather than being the majority of words in your drabble.

6. All challenges are preferably for one week. We will only extend the challenge if there are less than three participants in the current contest.

Also, drabbles OUTSIDE THE CHALLENGES are allowed and encouraged. We don't want to stifle any creative outburst anyway! But please note that this means you're not in the contest for that particular drabble, although I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.

However, drabble requests of any sort are not allowed.

7. Due to overwhelming creativity from our writers, each writer is allowed to send a MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) entries PER CHALLENGE.

8. Spoilers for KH 3D: Dream Drop Distance must be under a cut with a warning. This includes icons. For more information, please read the latest spoiler policy update HERE.

But most importantly, enjoy yourself!

If You Want to Contact the Mods for Any Reason Whatsoever...

iki_teru (Primary Moderator)




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