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Challenge: [307]: Crossover
Title: When Sora Meets Dora
Word Count: 433
Notes: No spoilers. I own Mr. Grizzly the Bear and Mr. Slug. XD

"So in order to find the secret cave, we need to ask Mr. Slug the way. Mr. Slug should be here around somewhere," Dora mused loudly (as always).
No sooner had she said that when a big, pink slug appeared from behind the trees on her left.
"Oh, it's behind you," Sora pointed out.
Dora turned her head, looking in different directions. But apparently, her eyesight was even poorer than they had thought.
"Where is Mr. Slug?"
Donald facepalmed, muttering a long string of four-lettered curses under his breath.
"Can you see Mr. Slug?" Dora asked no one in particular, but she did look to her right again, as though she was addressing someone that the others couldn't see.
Why does she keep doing that? Sora wondered. It was unnerving to say the least.

Soon enough, their "adventure" was over and Sora couldn't be happier.
“What was your favorite part of the day?”
Big, curious brown eyes gave him long (dare he say slightly creepy) stare that rendered him into utter silence.
Sora scratched the back of his head nervously. “Uhm…”
What was he supposed to say when he couldn’t think of anything nice to tell her? He decided that she was probably not ready to hear his honest answer; it would break the (creepy) little girl’s heart.
“I liked that too!” Dora exclaimed happily.
“I liked the part where we jumped from log to log to escape the evil crocodiles,” Boots said.
 “I liked the part when we made it through the mountains on the back of Mr. Grizzly the Bear,” Dora said again.
The Keyblade’s Chosen One frowned as he thought to himself, Huh, I thought she liked the same part that I did…and that was when this tedious trip was finally over…
“Gawrsh, I kinda liked that too,” Goofy then said, throwing in his two cents.
Sora let out another awkward laugh. “Right. Actually, it’s time for us to go, so uh…later!”
He gave the girl a lazy wave and motioned for Donald and Goofy to follow him. This Dora was starting to creep him out a little. Sure, it had been fun at first, singing random songs after every achievement (be it tying your shoes or cooking an egg), but judging by the look Donald gave her, the magician had become annoyed enough with her to consider killing her in her sleep. Not only that, but you knew you had to stay far away from someone when they started talking loudly as though there was an audience hidden in the bushes.
“Okay. That was weird,” he muttered to himself.
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