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We're one entry short, but the writer has let me know their circumstances, and will be submitting asap - [livejournal.com profile] ceylmallyn, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little longer for your gift.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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I'm Not Afraid )

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And Look How Things Could Have Been )

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If you believe, clap your hands )

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Games We Play )

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For Queen and Country )

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fragile things (warning: spoilers for BBS) )

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First Meeting )

New Summer )

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Cinnamon )

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More Than Gold )
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Title: Lack of Proof
Challenge: [243] Fear
Word Count: 371
Spoilers: 358/2 Days spoilers.
Notes: This turned out kinda gloomy. Fair warning.

Lack of Proof )
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Title: Pop Culture Phenomenon
Challenge: [242] Disguise
Word count: 598
Notes: Easy target makes for dumb jokes, but I took it anyway. It's been far too long since I've posted anything here. Hopefully I can get back in the habit.

Pop Culture Phenomenon )
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Challenge: [206] Storm
Title: Lost in the Thunder
Word Count: 297
Spoilers: Contains 358/2 Days spoilers.  Don't read if you don't want an important part of the game spoiled.
Rating/Warnings: PG.  Nothing really objectionable here.
Notes: 'Sup.  Some of you may remember me when I posted to this community under the account [livejournal.com profile] str1 .  I've since created this account specifically for writing, and well, I'm back!

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Happy Christmas, everyone. ♥

Note: almost everyone made it, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] dreamer1789's gift D: the author will not receive their gift until i receive the drabble - i'll be trying to contact them, but if it is not turned in within three days, they will be banned from the next SS.

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O'er the Ramparts We Watched )

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Void )

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Dead Air )

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Windburn )

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Paving the Road to Somewhere )

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Calendar Girl & Speak Softly )

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Color Schema )

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Role Model )

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Teamwork )

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Typical & Focus )

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If you would only take a risk... )
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Challenge: [159] In Another Life
Title: Shattered Thoughts
Word Count: 327
Spoilers: None
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (Some "off-screen" violence)
Notes: Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] crimsoncookie for the beta, and for planting the initial seed of this idea in my head.
Summary:  Fujin starts to recall some odd memories while resting in the infirmary.

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Challenge: [150] Ink
Title: Decisive Victory
Word Count: 248
Notes:  Admit it.  If you could do this in the game, you would.  :P  Thanks again to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta.

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Challenge: [149] Pageant
Title: Zippers
Wordcount: 520
Notes:  Let's check in with the finalists of the Princess Twilight competition, shall we?  Thanks to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta help.

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Challenge: 146 [Can you Picture That?]
Title: Sora's Plan
Word Count: 434
Rating: G
Notes:  There's plenty of blame to go around for this one, but the majority  can be traced to a ridiculous conversation with [profile] crimsoncookie, who was also kind enough to beta this insanity.

Eggs? )
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Challenge: [137] Identity
Title:  S---
Word Count: 360
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Notes:  I guess this technically might not fall within the rules, but the idea seems like such a perfect fit for the challenge.  Thanks again to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta.

Sora...? )
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Challenge: [136] Endurance
Title: No Pain, No Gain
Word Count: 378
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Notes: This ought to cheer up anyone depressed by the drabble I wrote last week.  Thanks to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta!

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Challenge: [135] Disaster
Word Count: 472
Title: Scavenger Hunt
Rating: PG-13
Notes:  Curses, I missed the deadline.  Oh, well.  Here you go, anyway!  Thanks to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta. :)

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Challenge: [124] Traditions
Title: Family Games
Word Count: 461
Spoilers: None
Notes:  Trying to write from Rai's POV is harder than it looks, y'know?  Big thanks to [profile] crimsoncookie for helping beta this one.

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Challenge: [123] Monologues
Title: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Frozen
Word Count: 378
Spoilers: KH2 Spoilers
Notes:  Behold, the true origin of villainy!  Thanks go to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta assist.

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Challenge: [115] An offer you can’t refuse
Title: Blackmail
Word Count: 389
Spoilers: None
Rating/Warnings: R  (Language.)
Notes: I really don't know what to say about this one.  Maybe I should apologize in advance.

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Challenge: [114] The Show Must Go On
Title: Moment of Glory
Word Count: 165
Spoilers: Extremely minor KH2 spoilers
Rating/Warnings: None
Notes:  First to get the reference gets a cookie.  Thanks again to [profile] crimsoncookie for the help.

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Challenge: [113] Letters
Title: Taking Dictation
Word Count: 321
Spoilers: None
Rating/Warnings: None
Notes: My first drabble.  Thanks go to [profile] crimsoncookie for the beta assist.  Also, sorry if the formatting is a little wonky.  I don't copy and paste from Word to lj that often.


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