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Thank you very much, everyone. ^_^

Given that my own falls this week, I'm gong to go with internal bias and choose a prompt for Challenge #299 that everyone has to deal with every year. No, not Christmas. No, not tax deadlines. Nope, not even cleaning out that closet you always promise will never get messy again and then inevitably does. I'm talking about your BIRTHDAY. Even the KH characters have commemorate getting older - or avoid it like the plague.

Entires to be in by Tuesday 18th December.
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Challenge: #298 – Magnum Opus
Title: Potential
Word Count: 596
Notes: This took far longer to write than I thought it would. Also, I will never get tired of being able to draw on so many different worlds’ characters, backstories and legends to make an ever-expanding patchwork of fanon/canon. ^_^

No matter what, every wizard had to have an owl. )

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Copy Code
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Title: Vulnerability
Challenge: [#291 – Safekeeping]
Word Count: 597
Summary: Cid ponders how the hell he ended up caring for and about five damaged kids. Pre-KH Traverse Town fic.
Notes: This one has been in me for a while and the prompt gave me a reason to let it out. Cheers for that. ^_^

Cid would never be able to explain how vulnerable watching these kids grow up made him feel.  )
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The plan is to go back to the beginning fo the year with these. I don't know if I'll make it, but I'm going to try. January or burnout - whichever comes first. ^_^


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