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challenge: [187] Strength
Title: The Weight of the World
word count: TEN
notes: I felt daring. HIghly experimental. It's 5 am what am I.

when he does, the world shakes )
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Challenge: 177 [Pretty Lies]
Title: Starscream
Word Count: 160
warnings: COM spoilers? Also the title and icon make no sense whatsoever unless you're trope savvy.

Solemn face, solemn face... )


Feb. 1st, 2009 01:05 am
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Challenge: 175 - Hope
Title: The Rabbit in the Moon
word count: 359
notes: The Chinese believed that the shadows on the moon were a rabbit until man landed on the moon and proved that there was no rabbit, only rocks and dirt.

read more )
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Title: Form, Truth, Regret
Word Count: 231
Rating: G
Notes: What, you haven't seen Mononoke? You should remedy this, like. NOW.

You should also blame [livejournal.com profile] tenshi_ryuu for being made of awesome inspiration.

sou. desu. ne. )
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Challenge: 173 [Fire]
Title: Hellfire
Word Count: 373
rating: G! :D
notes: Come on, someone had to write a HoND crossover for this one :D

Paris is Burning )
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Happy Christmas, everyone. ♥

Note: almost everyone made it, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] dreamer1789's gift D: the author will not receive their gift until i receive the drabble - i'll be trying to contact them, but if it is not turned in within three days, they will be banned from the next SS.

To: [livejournal.com profile] lorei
From: [livejournal.com profile] taistoi

O'er the Ramparts We Watched )

To: [livejournal.com profile] spoke
From: [livejournal.com profile] lorei

Void )

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From: [livejournal.com profile] spoke

Dead Air )

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To: [livejournal.com profile] syvia

Windburn )

From: [livejournal.com profile] syvia
To: [livejournal.com profile] singwithin

Paving the Road to Somewhere )

To: [livejournal.com profile] fated_bliss
From: [livejournal.com profile] singwithin

Calendar Girl & Speak Softly )

To: [livejournal.com profile] tunasaladsonnet
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Color Schema )

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Role Model )

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Teamwork )

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Typical & Focus )

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To: [livejournal.com profile] kaiyabeck

If you would only take a risk... )
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Title: A Visitor Today
Challenge: 168 - Room 317
Word count: 422
Notes/Warnings/Rating: PG for some swearing, kinda sorta COM spoilers? Also I had no idea what the prompt reference was but eh. This was just as fun~

he had a visitor today... )
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title: Extract Of
Challenge: 166 [Drink Me]
wordcount: 271
warnings/notes: Nope.

I seem to enjoy writing about boring Org XIII meetings )
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Okay, so I couldn't resist my own prompt. I waited until the very end to write/post this, because I didn't want to skew the competition and/or make people think I was looking for something specific. Didn't want to influence myself either, XD. ANYWAY.

Title: Strangers
Word Count: 489
Spoilers: No
Notes: Reincarnation doesn't mean you keep your appearance and name.

In the Depths of New York )


Aug. 14th, 2008 01:58 pm
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Challenge: 158 [Disney Rides]
Title: Uh-Oa
Word Count: 423
Warning: some swearing

when you boiled it down, Xigbar really hated singing )


Aug. 12th, 2008 01:42 am
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Challenge: 157 Double Helix
Title: Ourborous
wordcount: 230
warnings: Full of COM and KH2 spoilers
notes: Jeez, I really like writing about Axel :/

his fate always involved others )
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Challenge: 152 [Too Late]
Title: Dear Miranda
Warnings: Not unless you don't know what happened to the Original Six.
Word Count: 356
Summary: Even the Nobody named Xigbar was once a human being named Braig.

Hi babe. )
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Challenge: 151 [Surreal]
Title: The Least She Can Do
wordcount: 280
spoilers: Nope
rating/warning: G, and nope.

I'm Sorry )
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Wow you guys! What a great thing to come back to after a weekend with my mom! Thanks so much~

So. Life is full of endless possibilities. The choices we make influence what happens in the future. What we decide shapes us and makes us who we are tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. But sometimes the decisions we make aren't the best. And sometimes the circumstances aren't the ones we can control. After all, hindsight is always 20/20.

Therefore, this week's theme is "If Only". You have until May 18th.

Happy writing!
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Inspiration struck AGAIN D:

Challenge: 146 [Can you Picture That?]
Title: The Happiest Place on Earth
word count: 557
Rating: G
Notes: Inspired by This lovely rant at KHFFR. Also, takes place in the context of [livejournal.com profile] worldrefugees2, if only for the fact that Xemnas is aware that he's got fangirls and that Earth is a place full of delicious hearts.

What's the big idea?! )
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Challenge: [146] Can You Picture That?
Title: Two Across
Word Count: 586
Warning: KH2 Spoilers? G rated
Notes: Someone mentioned that keychains are formed from Sora's heart. I liked that idea and ran with it. Also, big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ayn504 for the beta.

And then there was Two Across )
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Challenge: 145 (Temptation)
Title: Candy from Strangers
Warnings: None, PG-rated
Notes: I like breaking the fourth wall.

Maybe 372 will be different )
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Challenge: [143] Style
Title: Suitable for Villany
Word count: 340
Warnings/Spoilers: Rated PG for language, no spoilers
Notes: I'm in love with the idea of Axel's other being a tailor.

They had to get those coats from SOMEwhere... )
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Challenge: 142 [Destiny]
Title: Do I Dare and Do I Dare
Wordcount: 129
Rating: G, slight KH2 spoilers
Comments: yes, more Prufrock titles. What can I say, I really like that poem >:

He stands at the water's edge and waits for his destiny )
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Challenge: 139 [Saint]
Title: Into Marvelous Light
word count: 417
rating/spoilers: g, and none
notes: I liked the idea of Sora going to Narnia (Organization VI did it first, I got the idea form them), but I had a different idea about it. Not to mention that KH is full of smack-you-in-the-face religious symbolism.

Title is taken from a song called, uh, "Marvelous Light" - lyrics are here, if you're curious and don't mind a bit of Jesus.



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