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Challenge: [303] History Repeats Itself
Title: Sins of the Master
Word Count: 341
Spoilers: Only up to BBS
Notes: As I'm still only just finally getting around to playing 3DS, I guess some of this may well have been well and truly Jossed, but shh, happy bubble of ignorance. :D

He begs, he pleads... )
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Challenge: [301] Friends
Title: Bound
Word Count: 431
Notes: Spoilers for BBS. May or may not be compliant with 3DS, I (still) haven't got round to playing it yet. But I have this whole headcanon around Yen Sid, Xehanort and Eraqus, so this drabble kind of just happened.

Eraqus’s hands shoot out to clasp Xehanort’s arm too tightly, desperate and despairing. )
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Challenge: [299] Birthday
Title: Birthday Cheer
Word Count:646
Notes: Set just prior to KHI. It’s been ages since I wrote about Yuffie and Squall interacting, but given the prompt, I just had to. And as random trivia, this was also partly inspired by a true story.

And I won’t be dragging you out later for birthday drinks. That’s all Cid’s )
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Challenge: [295] Finale
Title: One Last Stand
Word Count: 190
Spoilers: Spoilers for the end of BBS.

When she sees him it’s like a fuse has suddenly been lit. )
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Title: The Last Moment
Challenge: [287] Breathless
Word Count: 175
Notes: Based off of part of Ventus's story.

Too many-can’t run. )
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Challenge: [283] Nightmares
Title: Night After Night
Word Count: 495
Spoilers: For Birth By Sleep. Like, all the spoilers.

None of them says anything to the others. )
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Challenge: [273] Road to Damascus
Title: About Turn
Word Count: 502
Notes: Does it count if it's a revelation based on the wrong reasons? Oh, Keyblade Wars and your ability to attract drama.

'You're defecting, aren't you?' )
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These are a series of drabbles on the BBS trio that I wrote on request for [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 for her kind donation to [livejournal.com profile] help_japan! So, obviously, spoilers for Birth by Sleep. They’re sort of in chronological order, and there’s also some Terra/Aqua, mostly in the last piece. Enjoy!

Title: A Rule To Be Broken
Word Count: 636

He heard feet skidding to a halt, a bit of shuffling and then Terra blurting out ‘Nothing.’ )


Title: Next In Line
Word Count: 279

Of course they’ll all be fine )


Title: Start Again
Word Count: 282

‘Where’s Terra?’ )


Title: Festive Cheer
Word Count: 628

This was always how it worked, at least since the onset of puberty: manly hugs with Ven, friendly handshakes with Aqua. )


Title: Happily Ever After
Word Count: 280

Of course, one of the best things was that it answered all the questions they’d had on their minds for weeks. )
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Challenge: [272] Metamorphosis
Title: A Small Misunderstanding
Word Count: 272
Spoilers: Very minor for BBS
Notes: Because annoyed!Ven is adorable.

“He’s all in one piece, we just have a...tiny problem here.” )
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Challenge: [268] If I Never Knew You
Title: Accident Of Birth
Word Count: 291
Notes: This is kind of rushed as I’m limboing in under the deadline again. Hopefully it’s relevant enough- it’s a bit hypothetical but, meh, Ansem. He’s a scientist. It works (maybe?).

And there would have always been men like him... )
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Title: Defiance
Challenge: [261] Disobey
Word Count: 240
Notes: So there I was, wondering what to write about this week, when DiZ wandered in and was all like "ME!". In capitals. Because he's demanding like that.

What greeted him instead was nothing. )
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Challenge: [260] Music
Title: Rhythm Alone
Word Count: 345
Spoilers: Based on things hinted at in the BBS secret ending.
Notes: Excuse me limboing in under the deadline. Hope it doesn't show too much in this, which...yeah. It's a little odd, maybe?

The first breath had burned all the way down to his lungs. )
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Challenge: [258] The Past
Title: A Cautionary Tale
Word Count: 424
Spoilers: BBS spoilers times a million.
Notes: This got totally out of hand can you tell.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Ventus. )
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Title: Wipe The Slate Clean
Challenge: [255] Tabula Rasa
Word Count: 298
Spoilers: Potentially slightly for the BBS secret ending.

Maybe that was just how it was meant to be. )
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Challenge: [254] Expressions of love
Title: By Rote
Word Count: 315
Notes: I'll be honest- this didn't turn out how I wanted. But it's deadline day and I wanted to post. XD

And then they ask him what 'love' is. )


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