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Happy Christmas, everyone. ♥

Note: almost everyone made it, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] dreamer1789's gift D: the author will not receive their gift until i receive the drabble - i'll be trying to contact them, but if it is not turned in within three days, they will be banned from the next SS.

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O'er the Ramparts We Watched )

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Void )

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Dead Air )

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Windburn )

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Paving the Road to Somewhere )

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Calendar Girl & Speak Softly )

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Color Schema )

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Role Model )

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Teamwork )

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Typical & Focus )

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If you would only take a risk... )
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challenge: [170] insomnia
title: think about paint & he'll think about glue
wordcount: 255
notes: ...so you know how you can't sleep when you are excited? and how sometimes your thoughts stop making sense and start making twords?
also, this drabble's got a song lyric title oh man.

send him on a pleasure cruise )
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challenge: (168) Room 317
title: Impressions
wordcount: 523
notes: did you know that you can get on to blocked sites through peachfloss.com? did you know i'm such a dork that, when i learned this, i only thought of how happy i was i could write for kh_drabble again? hahaha. also i have no idea what room 317 might reference. but de_yaten forgives me riiight?

heeeeere's kairi! )
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aaaadhhhhhhdddlasadkl thanks community! :)

i am going to disneyland before i go to tokyo disney and hopefully next summer i'll go to eurodisney.
so it's with disneyland on my mind that i'm making your next challenge, [158], Disney Rides. are sora & co riding the rides? or are they visiting the worlds of them? maybe pete really likes to sing iiiit's a small world after aaaaall or snow white is riding through her own scary adventures. you figure it out and write it down, and have it up by August 21st. have fun!

[mods - i won't be here to vote for challenger's choice, er. so you know i guess]
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challenge: [157] double helix
title: aat/ggc
wordcount: 521
notes: alternatively titled i did sorta learn in biology, or i like the 'artsy' italic, or horrendously literal interpretation of the prompt, or i always have time for kh_drabble but none for college essays how is this.

riku and ansem and something that's not all either )
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Challenge: [156] Flavor of Life
Title: Red/Blue/Into The Black
Wordcount: 544
Notes: lollll remember a long time ago i said i wanted to do a really vague fic? this isn't it :<

the recurring taste and i guess that that means you're-- )
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Challenge: [150] Ink
Title: Plastic Fantastic Something-or-other
Wordcount: 530
Notes: We're up to week 150 already. That's crazy exciting!
(& What is just crazy? The Cheshire Cat, and Namine, of course!)

stains don't come out and paint just covers them... )
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Challenge: [149] Pageant
Title: the sleep of reason stays away from monsters
Wordcount: 485
Notes: The Princesses of Heart dream, and keep dreaming. And look out for italics all over XD;

she gets it, and forgets it... )
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Challenge: [148] Nice Is Different Than Good
Title: Creepy Creeps With Eerie Eyes
Wordcount: 260
Notes: ...It would've been awesome if KH had some Disneyworld rides for worlds. Y/n? :D
Also, this is the first time I've gotten under 300 words in months XD;

beware! of hitchhiking ghosts ;) )
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Challenge: [147] If Only
Title: That's Okay
Wordcount: 562
Notes: Naminé-ending-fic. It's almost too subtle and I haven't written Naminé like ever.

...but there's always a first time? XD; )
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Challenge: [142] Destiny
Title: #35
Wordcount: 534
Notes: Sora/Keyblade No seriously Sora contemplates his fate.
I probably couldn't write if italics didn't exist.

an end that never comes )
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Challenge: [141] Disturb the Universe
Title: And Joseph Sat Disgruntled In The Corner
Wordcount: 537
Notes: this fic is silly out the wall 8) LAWLZ SORRY...but I don't trust Snow White anyway. She's too good. Um. If you buy ONE book, please let it be this one. I ttly didn't know they had models back then either. (and this is fun too.)
Title is from the weirdest art history documentary that I've ever seen XD

...it's not right for a woman to read! )
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Challenge: [137] Identity
Title: Nothing To Get Hung About
Word Count: 476
Notes: Riku musing on the Replica, in a way. This is for Tommy and Gina who never backed down XDDD

reality is only so important after a time... )
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Challenge: [136] Endurance
Title: Waiting Game, Ending
Wordcount: 340
Notes: Ansem-centric, first-game spoilers

these soft shadows & memories... )
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Challenge: [135] Disaster
Title: 20x Ridiculous
Wordcount: 469
Notes: Disaster -> Danger -> Is it fourth-wall tiem agin nao? I couldn't resist :D Think of this as a follow-up to this drabble ;)
Warnings: Profanity, KHII spoilers.

possession as a means of unneeded aid )
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And we have come to the end of the SS! Almost everybody made it in, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] nirvana_falling's gift. D: I'll be trying to contact the writer, but if after three days there's no response I'm afraid s/he is banned from the next SS. Everything received and accounted for!

Sorry if I took liberties with the gift-tags and stuff, if there is a personalized LJ-cut, I just included it in as a summary of sorts. I hope I didn't end up cutting off the ends of some stories. >.> Otherwise, please enjoy!

(Edit before posting: POST TOO BIG DAMN IT LJ.)

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Prosthetics & On Pitying the Dead )

To: [livejournal.com profile] lorei
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music made the streets come alive at night )

To: [livejournal.com profile] euphonious_glow
From: [livejournal.com profile] lazzchan

Musings of the Ninth )

To: [livejournal.com profile] lazzchan
From: [livejournal.com profile] kunenk

Summary: 'People've cooked on beaches almost as long as they've wanted to watch the stars' & 'Food is mostly a welcome gift' )

To: [livejournal.com profile] kunenk
From: [livejournal.com profile] lunarflight

What To Do With Puppies )

To: [livejournal.com profile] lunarflight
From: [livejournal.com profile] syvia

I want to be seen, green... )

To: [livejournal.com profile] syvia
From: [livejournal.com profile] nirvana_falling

Summary: 'I was not moping!' & 'At the core of things they are both Ansem's puppets' )

To: [livejournal.com profile] str1
From: [livejournal.com profile] singwithin

vertigo )
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Challenge: [129] Waifs & Strays
Title: Locking Windows
Wordcount: 544
Notes:Riku finds out how Neverland works and he wants nothing of it. (I think this is the first time in at least ten weeks I haven't cut a drabble down :D)

things discovered on tours~ )
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Challenge: [128] Dreams
Title: Cecy
Wordcount: 444
Notes: The title is a Bradbury reference, but the rest of the story is an Alice one ^^

go ask...when she's ten feet tall )
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Challenge: [127] Linguistics
Title: an upstairs harmony
Wordcount: 594
Summary: Vexen finds Roxas bemusing, but he can't really understand why that is. Of course not; as he's dead.
Notes: I can't seem to write drabbles, titles, or summaries anymore -- but I did get the wordcount under 600, in the end :D

& it's a great big divide, even if you can't really see it )
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Challenge: [126] Wings
Title: & assuming we grow old
Wordcount: 693, and actually, it's even cut down some 254-or-so words ^^;
Notes: Lexaeus finds something to study in some spare time, or, for when he has it. This is nearly completely inspired by children's poetry, except for the title, which is from Scrubs XD;

it's always nice to think to fly )


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