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Title: Stories in the Dark
Challenge: [279] Fairy Tale
Word Count: 598
Spoilers: None, really.

Notes: I just randomly started writing and it blew up into over 700 words, despite my trying to constrain myself. *laughs* First fanfic in awhile… but this is just an odd little piece, enjoy!

once upon a time )
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Title: HERO
Challenge: [251] Sobriquet
Rating: G
Word Count: 288
Notes: Nothing spoilerish, pretty simple—and how does one go from being a kid to a hero?

everyone said he was, so he had to be… )
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We're one entry short, but the writer has let me know their circumstances, and will be submitting asap - [livejournal.com profile] ceylmallyn, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little longer for your gift.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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I'm Not Afraid )

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And Look How Things Could Have Been )

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If you believe, clap your hands )

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Games We Play )

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For Queen and Country )

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fragile things (warning: spoilers for BBS) )

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First Meeting )

New Summer )

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Cinnamon )

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More Than Gold )
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Challenge [241]: Ghost Stories
Title: Campfire Stories
Word Count: 597
Notes: This was written from crack and love and became more serious than I thought, but really, don't take it seriously. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] syvia for her encouragement that I actually post this bit of weirdness. The second fandom in here is fairly obvious…to me, at least. Enjoy!

campfire stories were boring… )
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Challenge: [239] Inexorable
Title: Curiosity Killed the…
Word Count: 314
Notes: Spoilers-ish for BBS? A lot of this is speculation.

he always did get into more trouble than people could stand… )
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Challenge: [235] Duality
Title: Missing Pieces
Word Count: 486
Notes: This was rather fun to write in a way and I had it in mind as soon as the challenge was named, but I was distracted and finally got around to writing it. :P Allusions to BBS and 358/2, but nothing that hasn't been in officially released stuff.

there were times… )
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Title: Waiting
Challenge: [234] Coping Strategies
Word Count: 211
Notes: I like Sora-mama fics. :D

she was waiting for someone… )
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Challenge: [229 - Favorite Body Part]
Title: Strong Hands, Strong Heart
Word Count: 405
Notes: A kid Sora and his mother, long before the fighting starts. Or is this the start of it?

as the saying went... )
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Challenge: [223] The City
Title: Hope in the Dark
Word Count: 318
Notes: No spoilers, but you'll recognize a familiar theme/story from the first game in this. A little imagining I had and … yeah. ^^;

the lights went out, one by one… )
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Challenge: 217-Letting Go
Title: Promises to Keep
Word Count: 352
Warning: No real warnings unless you've not played any of the games.
Summary: It's hard to keep a grip on what you promised if you keep on getting shoved away.

he lost count... )
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Title: Coming Home
Challenge: [215] Begin at the End
Word Count 261
Notes: Speculation and a bit of spoiler type stuff from BBS. Nothing really major and heck, we all speculate this anyway. :P BBS SPOILER POSSIBLE STUFF. WARNING NOW.

he forgot the dreams… )
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Challenge [211]Apology
Title: Letters to Home
Word Count: 417

Notes: I always thought that Sora would think of home and feel somewhat guilty at times. KH1

letters to you )
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Going through old stuff that I wrote... this was in response to a kh_request prompt over a year ago (I really should hunt down all the stuff I wrote there) to the prompt of Axel and Rapunzel, with "she's been waiting for a prince-but"

[livejournal.com profile] de_yaten do you remember this? XD

Title: Waiting for a Prince
Non-Challenge Entry
Word Count: 523

random drabble )
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Challenge: [203] Don’t Get Caught
Title: Scouting the Talent
Word Count: 461

Notes: There aren’t any real spoilers here, but it’s all screenshots and conjecture for BBS. A bit of fun and speculation, really. Enjoy!

they stayed in the back… )
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Challenge [202] Smile
Title: No Sad Faces
Word Count: 338
Notes: No real spoilers here—just a mix between the various games and focusing somewhat on the first one.

smiles are hard to maintain… )
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Challenge: [141] Disturb the Universe
Title: What Science Does for Us All
Word Count: 386

Notes: KH2, Apprentice-centric fic. No real spoilers, unless you've never read the Ansem Reports. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] syvia for her quick beta of this. <3

it was only an experiment… )
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Challenge: [140] Wake Up Call
Title: Not Just a Princess
Word Count: 503
Notes: Set sometime after KH2, but no real spoilers are shown. Sort of a nebulous future.

she had been fairly normal… )
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Challenge: [137] Identity
Title: And You?
Word Count: 219

Notes: Guess spoilers for the second game and some speculation?

I'm Nobody... )
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Challenge [136] Endurance
Title: Building Strength
Word Count: 238

Notes: No spoilers here, first-game centric.

it was tiring… )


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