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Challenge: [028] Odd Pairings
Title: A Picture of You
Word Count: 186
Notes: I eat crack for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, midnight snack and snacks in-between. Simply put? HERE THAR BE CRACK.

A Picture Of You )

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Challenge; [26] Sickness
Title; Breathe
Word Count; 250
Notes; Second entry for the challenge. I had also cut this one until I felt the length was okay, but I'm definitely keeping the extended version. XD

in the face of death we'll still stare and laugh till we cry )
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Challenge; [26] Sickness
Title; Dying By Degrees
Word Count; 235
Notes; Set in Chain Of Memories. Not exactly spoilerish. Quite weird and disjointed, but I couldn't cut anymore. I'll probably enter another entry for this challenge since I'm not particularly fond of this one.

so we're dying by degrees )
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Challenge; [25] Flawed
Title; untitled
Word Count; 187
Notes; Rather strange, really. It's more like a train of thought piece, and not good at all.

it's easier being imperfect )
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Challenge: None
Title: And Over
Word Count: 268
Additional Notes: This drabble was inspired by the [Moonlight Battles] challenge, but it didn't fit the criteria so I didn't enter.

they say you can find immortality in the Coliseum. )
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Title: His Master's Voice
Challenge: Lullaby
Word Count: 126
Notes: Set in KH. Theme is hinted here, not an out-and-out representation. And I closed it with, as Shakespeare in The Wake puts it, "an unequivocally cheap and happy ending".

His Master's Voice )
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Challenge: Luck
Title: She's So Lucky
Word Count: 105
Notes: Kairi-centric. There is a parallel to another story. And general weirdness.

She thinks her memories are coming back. )
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Title: Not Me
Word Count: 169
Notes: Post-everything, no spoilers. Riku has a one-sided conversation with Sora.

Not Me. )

Bleh. Title stinks.

Title: Still
Word Count: 150
Notes: I think there's a moral here, but I'm not sure what it is. Erm, other than that, I'm messing with the space time continum. It's kind of weird. Alice Liddell (from Wonderland) is influencing me on this one.

Beware of time standing still; for you may have waited too long )
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I know I haven't been updating the Memories nor the archive lately, and I'm really sorry. I'm just getting caught up with a lot of other things and getting really frustrated with them. But I'll do it. Eventually.

And to whet your appetites:

Title: Memory's Ghost
Word Count: 113
Notes: Apathy is a great emotion to write with. Implied Squall/Rinoa, implied Leon/Yuffie. Because I can so not do pairings. And ambiguity. *glee*

Memory's Ghost )

For Now

Jan. 26th, 2005 07:05 pm
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Challenge: Ever After
Title: For Now
Word Count: 100 (Gee, I'm hitting it nowadays. *glee*)
Notes: Something unexpected. :D I apologise if there's one part that's inaccurate.

For Now )
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Challenge: Brightest
Title: Rememberance
Word Count: 100 (Whoo hoo!)
Notes: The theme, really, is very implied here. Post-CoM, but there are no spoilers.

Edit: Yes, it's very obscure. x_X Anyone wanna try to find out what I'm thinking about?

Rememberance )
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Challenge: Winter
Title: What I Can Get
Word Count: 169
Notes: This is really more of a follow-up to Like No One's Looking, although I'm quite sure it could be a stand-alone. If you are planning to read LNOL, I advise if you read it first before reading the drabble. As for the drabble, I think it hints at the theme rather than say it outright. Enjoi.

What I Can Get )
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Challenge: Disney Song
Title: Moonlight Serenade
Word Count: 369 (way, waaaaaay over, but I've cut so much as I could...)
Song (s): Aladdin's A Whole New World *snicker* and The Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody (not a Disney song, but I had to give credit, yanno) *double snicker*


Moonlight Serenade )


Dec. 17th, 2004 08:51 am
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Challenge: Blame
Title: Oracles
Word Count: 226
Notes: If you want me to explain it, tell me. I want the drabble to wash over your brain processes. XD It's kind of confusing though, if you don't know what's going on, I suppose.

Oracles )
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Originally, this is for the Kodak Moment challenge, but it got horribly out of hand and deviated away from the topic at hand, so I'm not entering this one for the challenge. I would, however, like to hear any comments about this, if there are any. :D

Challenge: Kodak Moment
Title: Moments Like These
Word Count: 245
Notes: They're at the bottom. Don't read them first until you read the drabble, then I'll explain. Otherwise, I think the effect will be ruined.

Moments Like These )

Notes )

Any comments?


Dec. 2nd, 2004 02:42 pm
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Challenge: Beginnings
Title: Enough
Word Count: 257
Notes: Not exactly my favourite work, nor my best, IMO. A lot of strange-ness abounds. Plus a fixation on Wakka/Riku friendshipfics recently for me.

Enough )
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Theme: Paopu
Title: Wishing on a Star (-Shaped Fruit)
Words: 100 (XD!)
Warning/s: None, I think.

Wishing on a Star (-Shaped Fruit) )


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