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Title: with(out)
Challenge: #294 – Starting Out
Word Count: 568
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They are without a beginning and without an end, he tells her, but she's not inclined to believe it.
Notes: Not difficult to figure out the pairing once you start reading. Some sexual references, so beware of that. The idea for this just popped into my head last night.

with(out) )
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Title: sing me a different tune
Challenge: #293 – Settle
Word Count: 583
Rating: G
Summary: She's heard this song before. This beginning is both like and unlike the last.
Notes: I don't know, guys. This is what popped in my head, though. Alludes to events in Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core.

sing me a different tune )
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Title: Keeper of Nobody
Challenge: #291 – Safekeeping
Word Count: 558
Rating: G
Summary: He's not sure he knows how to keep anything safe anymore.
Notes: This one screamed 'Axel'. No spoilers.

Keeper of Nobody )
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Title: not the end of a love story
Challenge: #290 – when love and hate collide
Word Count: 592
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She doesn't know what she should feel, but he is quick to remind her of what she can't.
Notes: My god I am so rusty with this fandom. Also mildly inspired by a quote from The Vampire Diaries: “You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan. Not the end of one.”

not the end of a love story )
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Challenge: [233] Ephemeral
Title: This is How Our Days Fall Forward
Wordcount: 595
Notes: Post-KH II. Bringing the OT3 power back. Trimming this down to make it fit the word limit hurt my heart (I kid, I kid). XD

This is How Our Days Fall Forward )
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I wish I had an appropriate icon for this post! :/

Challenge: [228] Day Off
Title: That’s Not How It’s Done
Wordcount: 580
Notes: There aren’t any spoilers, really. The names of the two main focuses of this drabble are not mentioned, but should be easy enough to guess. It’s kind of angsty.

That’s Not How It’s Done )
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Challenge: [224] Sublunar
Title: Everything You’ve Never Had
Wordcount: 592
Notes: Naminé, Marluxia, Saïx, and things lost—but how can you lose what you’ve never had?

Everything You’ve Never Had )
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Challenge: [220] Sunshine
Title: Good Morning, Sunshine
Wordcount: 599
Notes: I skipped a couple of weeks because I had no idea what to write. This idea kind of sprang out at me for this week’s challenge, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. OT3 power.

Good Morning, Sunshine )
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Challenge: [217] Letting Go
Title: Why Does the Caged Bird Sing?
Wordcount: 514
Notes: I’ve been taking inspiration from poems as well lately, as is obvious. *LOL* No real spoilers, unless you haven’t finished CoM or KHII.

Why Does the Caged Bird Sing? )
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Challenge: [216] Once Upon a Time
Title: Only This and Nothing More
Wordcount: 503
Notes: Anybody recognize The Raven in my title there? XD Features Axel and Saїx and things remembered (and also features Roxas and Xion). Mild spoilers for 358/2 Days, I suppose. And maybe eensy weensy ones for Birth by Sleep.

Only This and Nothing More )
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Challenge: [215] Begin at the End
Title: The End (is the Beginning)
Wordcount: 386
Notes: I have no clue why I wrote an introspective piece about Vexen. >_> I am very unfamiliar with writing his character, so I don’t know if this is halfway decent or not, *LOL*. I’ll let you wonderful people be the judge of that. Very mild spoilers for BBS, maybe.

The End (is the Beginning) )
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Challenge: [214] Cakewalk
Title: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
Wordcount: 583
Notes: Sometimes, you have to actually say what you mean. Features Axel, Roxas, and Xion. Fluff, mostly. Mild spoilers for 358/2 Days.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too )
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Challenge: [213] Anticipation
Title: Here I am Waiting
Wordcount: 196
Notes: Kairi-centric. It was going to be longer, but I like it better as it is. Not entirely happy with this either, though… Hm.

Here I am Waiting )
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Challenge: [212] Sweet things
Title: Bittersweet
Wordcount: 536 exactly.
Notes: No names are mentioned but it’s fairly easy to guess who they are. ^.^ No spoilers, really, though this is rated R for content. I swear, I cannot get enough of this pairing.

Bittersweet )
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Challenge: [211] Apology
Title: As Difficult as Breathing
Wordcount: 424
Notes: Saying “I’m sorry” should be as easy as breathing. What if breathing’s not so easy?

As Difficult as Breathing )
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Challenge: [210] It’s Cold Outside
Title: But the Fire is so Delightful
Wordcount: 595
Notes: Rated PG-13 for language. Takes place during CoM. Features Axel and Naminé, and mentions Marluxia. Mostly, this is just cuteness with the tiniest hint of angst. Don’t ask. *hides* Title is actually part of the lyrics to ‘Let it Snow!’, written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, and has been sung by many people. *LOL*

But the Fire is so Delightful )
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Challenge: [208] Doors
Title: Fear not the Door that Opens
Wordcount: 599
Notes: I like doing those little section-type-things, as is obvious. XD I don’t want to explain anything about this drabble, for fear of giving it all away before you read it, so just read~. No spoilers for Days, though this drabble transcends KH I, CoM, and KH II. Possibly very vague allusions to Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas. Enjoy.

Fear not the Door that Opens )
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Challenge: [207] Here Comes Trouble
Title: Open Your Eyes—Trouble will Find You
Wordcount: 599 exactly.
Notes: Focuses on Naminé. Also mentions Marluxia, Axel, Larxene, Riku-Replica, Sora, and Riku. Roxas is sort-of-kind-of mentioned, though you have to tilt your head and squint to realize that. Takes place during CoM. Rated PG-13 for content. I rewrote this thing three times before I was satisfied with it. x.x

Open Your Eyes—Trouble will Find You )


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