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Title: Closer to Complete
Challenge: 309 Worlds
Word Count: 237
Spoilers: None really, unless someone hasn't played KH2.
Notes: If every world has a heart...

Define real )
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Challenge [305]: Rise Up
Title: Metamorphosis
Word Count: 414
Notes: Spoilers through Dream Drop Distance! ...we've covered that I am a horrible, villain-loving person before, right?

on a familiar world... )
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Challenge: [304] Starting Over

Title: Laying Foundations
Word Count:302
Spoilers: Dream Drop Distance
Notes:I wanted this to be a conversation between different characters, but I'm rather pleased with who felt like talking.

It feels safer to observe from a distance. )
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Challenge: 302 - Unasked Questions
Title: The Heart That Yearns
Wordcount: 584
Notes: Major Birth by Sleep spoilers. Minor Dream Drop Distance for a bit of information we get and my speculations on the implications thereof. I cackled when this image first came into my head, but it's been a pain getting it out.

every world's an island )
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Title: Everything Changes
Challenge: Friendship
Word Count: 307
Notes: Birth by Sleep spoilers! Also, how do I find the sad-facing in an inherently heartwarming challenge?

lurking in the light )
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Title: Resonant
Challenge: The End of the World... Or Not
Word Count: 499
Notes: Dream Drop Distance spoilers ahead! Because certain scenes raise disturbing questions, and disturbing is apparently what I do. Mwaha?

of those unstable )
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Challenge: [299] Birthdays
Title: Reassurance
Word Count: 138
Notes: What would even possess me to write for Eraqus, given that the only person I actively dislike more than him is Yen Sid, I cannot say. (Not that I don't think they have good points, but they both scream Intolerance in Favor of the Light and it makes me hiss.) I just. Yeah, blinky eyes is all I've got.

not everyone likes them )
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Challenge: Starting Out
Title: Beneath
Word count: 535
Warnings: BBS and KH3D spoilers! Also, Xehanort being creepy. And wordy. So, Xehanort.
Notes: Something I will write something cheerful with the heroes. Someday! When the villains stop eating my brain.

by a shore of a different sort )
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Challenge: 285 - Jealousy
Title: Unsettled
Word Count: 118
Notes: BBS spoilers (just in case).

things he can't figure out )
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Challenge: 280 Father
Title: All's Welll
Word Count: 126
Notes: In which I am pretty sure Demyx is entirely misunderstanding things, while I wonder why I'm even writing this. ...oh wait, because it was fun! Inspired by a certain mission in Days, though the drabble has nothing to do with it.

i wouldn't read too much into it )
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Challenge 277: Revenge
Title: Roundabout
Word Count: 100
Notes: I had wanted this to be longer, but it’s Lexaeus. Such a talkative guy. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the word count though - I only had to remove one to get that.

and around we go )
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Challenge: 269 Roles Reversed
Title: Three of Wands
Word Count: 318
Notes: This is probably not as funny as I think it is. But I have a warped sense of humor. Also, that is a horrible title.

trouble comes in threes )
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Challenge 268: If I Never Knew You
Title: Rising Light
Word Count: 391
Notes: It's not so much that he's missing as that he never made it back to the Garden... Also, BBS spoilers. Like a crowd of bunnies. >>
Many thanks to my beta, shusu, for catching last minute messes. <3

in absentia )
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Challenge 264 : Playing Detective
Title: A Study of Reactions
Word Count: 431
Notes: BBS spoilers are spoilery! Although I suspect you'd need to have played BBS to understand the spoilers? Also minor fail at scientific language. :p Also I got this idea on the day of the first deadline, and was starting to think I wouldn't make this one. A sudden change in pov character brought it together, though.

the watched watches )
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Challenge: [263] The Bad Guys
Title: In Which No Good Guys Make An Appearance.
Word Count: 567
Notes: This challenge is the best for pinging old ideas? Seriously, it's been in my head ever since I realized someone was missing from a certain Disney world - it just never got written. So. ♥

Also, I've had some serious writer's block for awhile, so I expect this is rusty and possibly awful. But it actually got written!

He'd never have stayed out of it from the goodness of his Heart )
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A project and goal I set for myself today(except the first two, written yesterday) , that I felt like sharing somewhere besides my journal. Hopefully it will be enjoyed! Comments & crit welcome. :)

Title: Heading for a Fall
Word Count: 100 each, 900 total.
Notes: Spoiler warnings for Birth by Sleep, I am so sorry I forgot that and I apologize if anyone was accidentally spoiled.

Radiant Garden )

Titles: Echoes
Word Count: 100 each, 400 total.
Notes: Still spoilery for Birth by Sleep.

Land of Departure )
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Challenge: 245 - Radiant Garden
Title: Another Road
Word Count: 257
Notes: BBS spoilers! Very much so. Also, AU I think. I'm honestly not sure, I just wanted these characters to talk to each other, okay? Okay. :)

the earth speaks )
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Challenge 244: Into the Woods
Title Man is a Wolf
Word Count 100
Notes Apprentice fic! Very surprising coming from me, I know. ;) Also dramatic title is much too dramatic. Also! This is also being used for my stab at Drabble-vember, which is why it's exactly 100 words.

to other men )
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Challenge - 235 Duality
Title - Riff
Word Count - 154
Notes - From an idea that keeps rattling around in my head, involving Roxas conscious within Sora. I'm glad I finally got something else written out of it, however small. :P

music in me )


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