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Title: Lure of Midnight
Challenge: [079] Close To You
Wordcount: 468
Characters: Riku, "Ansem"
Spoilers: For an event in KH2.
Notes: It only takes a single moment of weakness for the dark to sink fangs in you, and even less to fall back into its embrace.
Sometimes it already owns you, and all you need is a gentle reminder ... and sometimes, 'close' is under your own skin.
Other: Inspired by Alice Cooper's nothing's free.

'i'll be yours and you'll be mine' )
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Title: Phantasm [the remains of the day]
Challenge: [078] Tidying Up
Wordcount: 288
Characters: Axel; Zexion (barely)
Spoilers: For CoM [reverse rebirth].
Notes: It is always a good procedure to follow up on your plans and leave no trace; you never know what might surprise you. Axel hasn't lasted this long without following both notions.
Warnings: Dark.

for a maker of illusion, this was an ironic state of being ... )
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Challenge: [077] Martyr
Title: end of innocence
Wordcount: 377
Characters: Sora
Spoilers: KH (end), KH2, and possibly beyond.
Notes: Every cause needs a certain number of sacrifices; and the best are those that never see it coming til it is much too late.

'my mission saved the world ...' )
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Title: The Razor's Edge
Challenge: [072]: Desperation
Wordcount: 320
Characters: Sephiroth, (Cloud)
Spoiler Warnings: For KH2 if you squint; also for Sephiroth's KH origins.
Notes: One can be destroyed; one can be accepted; but to be hunted out, only to be denied -- that can wear even on a dark-spawned beast in time. And Sephiroth has had enough.

'in this world now i am undying' )
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Title: That Which Holds Eternity Within
Challenge: [071]: Castle
Wordcount: 531
Characters: Marluxia
Spoiler Warnings: For Chain of Memories, plus a smidge for KH2's plot.
Notes: Marluxia arrives in Oblivion Castle, and ruminates a little on why he is there -- and what he plans to do about it.

'rose of the noble castle ...' )


Jul. 14th, 2006 08:44 am
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Title: Sacrifice
Challenge: [069]: Heroes
Wordcount: 344
Character: Xehanort
Spoiler Warnings: For the character in question, for the backstory of KH, and for various of the Ansem Reports.
Notes: They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Truer words were never spoke.

'can't you learn from what we've learned' )


Jul. 10th, 2006 08:36 am
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Title: Desire
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 210
Character: Axel
Spoiler Warnings: Passing reference to characters from KH2, and the "Six Days" introductory segment.
Notes: Axel has his reason to hunt in Twilight Town.
(Brief reference to The Prize as well; apologies ahead of time.)

'please take my hand ...' )
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Title: Frozen
Challenge: [068] Time
Word Count: 553
Notes: After the final KHII battle, they waited on the beach for Sora and Riku, not knowing how long they would be. Mickey takes things into his own hands. A different (and most likely incoherent) ending.

Time flows differently in Dark... )
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Title: Fimbulwinter
Challenge: [068]: Time
Wordcount: 218
Character: Vexen
Spoiler Warnings: Passing reference to characters from KH2.
Notes: What does it mean to be in a place that does not exist?
A moment of reflection for XIII Kikan's Number Four.

'death's twilight kingdom' )

The Prize

Jun. 10th, 2006 12:46 pm
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Title: The Prize
Challenge: [065]: Games
Wordcount: 555
Characters: Axel, Superior
Spoiler Warnings: For Chain of Memories, and arguably the identity of Superior.
Other Warnings: Violence.
Notes: Sometimes you don't want to play, sometimes people change the rules on you -- and then there are the times when the reward is worth any cost.

it's dangerous the games we play )


Jun. 4th, 2006 09:07 am
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Title: Blighted
Challenge: [064]: Yin and Yang
Wordcount: 263
Characters: Marluxia
Notes: "Flower" is a beneficial sort of affinity; wood-element a sign of life and growing things. So, why is it yet an Organization affinity ... and why, by chance, did Marluxia rebel?

'death is preferable to loss of virtue' )
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... long, I know *headdesk* Apologies ahead of time ..

Title: Awakening [rebirth]
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 898
Characters: One of the Sage's disciples, and a new arrival to the fold.
Spoilers: Spoilers for pre-game events, and also for various events concerning Ansem.
Notes: After the darkness comes the dawn; and everyone gets a second chance at life, right?

and who would you be, now? )
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Title: Clean Slate
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 313
Characters: Two of the Sage's disciples. (Can I name these sods without it being spoilers ...?)
Spoilers: Not really, unless you don't know who these two gentlemen are. Then again, if you don't this might not make as much sense ...
Notes: Just a strange, humorous little moment before everything went to pieces.

does anyone work well under a deadline? )


May. 19th, 2006 08:37 pm
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Title: [soulcage]
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 283
Characters: Riku, ( -------- ); others mentioned
Spoilers: Spoilers for the final KH2 world and events thereof, portions of the KH2 ending, and some game / character background. Proceed at own risk XD
Notes: For some there is no such thing as freedom; and redemption is a bitter thing to have to swallow.

'not that final meeting / in the twilight kingdom' )


May. 15th, 2006 08:47 am
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.. not what I had in mind for him, but it's a start .. ^_^;

Title: Stormlord
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 90
Characters: Xaldin, (Larxene)
Notes: The best way to deal with upstarts is, sometimes, to do nothing. Or at least make it appear that you do nothing ...

insurrection is an art ... )
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Title: Hunter's Moon
Challenge: [62]: Question
Wordcount: 552
Characters: Saix, Xemnas
Notes: Sometimes, the question is unspoken, the answer simple, and the reasoning no more than instinct's logic ...

'i never said i'd promise anything' )
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Title: Memory [end of innocence]
Challenge: None
Wordcount: 340
Characters: "Enigmatic Man", (Sora)
Spoiler Warning: If you don't know who the Enigmatic Man is, this may not make a lot of sense. References events in Final Mix; allusions to events, people, places described in Ura Ansem Reports.
Theory Warning: A bit of speculation on the origin -- and owner -- of the Oblivion ...
Notes: Before battle, a brief moment in Hollow Bastion's empty court; someone has more than one interest in dueling Sora.

dark seed in a radiant garden )
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Title: Building The Perfect Beast
Challenge: [61] Create
Wordcount: 294
Characters: Riku II
Spoilers: Spoilers for Chain of Memories [reverse rebirth].
Notes: Sometimes a person can be changed; and sometimes a person will take that transformation into their own hands.

'and i thought / that this would be so right' )


Apr. 27th, 2006 09:59 am
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Title: Foundling
Challenge: [60]: Sanctuary
Wordcount: 458
Characters: Ansem, others
Spoilers: Spoilers for characters in KH2 ahead! Arguably spoilers for the whole mess, in fact ...
Notes: Sometimes fate draws people together ...

a latecomer to the garden )
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Title: embers and ash
Challenge: [57] Completion
Wordcount: 121
Characters: Axel
Spoiler Warning: References events concerning Axel in KH2.
Notes: Sometimes, it's the unexpected things ...

a victory of flame )


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