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Challenge: [173] Fire
Title: Burnt Out
Word Count: 416
Notes: Haven't been around lately, but I missed this community so here I am. :)

The night of fate. )
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Challenge: [108] Belle
Title: Kept On Going 
Word Count: 280
Rating: PG, I suppose.
Others: No spoilers. There is a pairing, but you'll have to find out for yourself.

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Challenge: [85] Alive
Title: Raze
Word Count: 374
Spoilers: No, unless you don't know where the Traverse Town gang is from.
Notes: The first time I've ever written anything with these three. Not one of my favourite drabbles, I have to say. And, if you want to know, it's supposed to be really choppy.

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Challenge: [84] Dust
Title: Buildup
Word Count: 322
Spoilers: Yes, slight spoilers for CoM
Notes: Sora-centric. It's not meant to be angsty or anything; the mood is supposed to be refreshing. Keep that in mind. :D

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Challenge: [083] Reflection
Title: Looking Glass
Word count: 217
Spoilers: For KH1
Notes: Alice-centric, enjoy!

She was more than three quarters of the way there. )
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Challenge: [83] Reflection
Word Count: 574
Title: Just as the Man 
Spoilers: Yeessiree. 
Notes: This is set post-KH2, Riku and Ansem centric (Ansem the WISE, not tall, dark, and handsome Ansem...which sort of rhymes...). It's not angsty (you're surprised, I know). 

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Challenge: [81] Trick-or-Treat
Word Count:
Spoilers: Yes; takes place both pre-KH2 and post-KH2
Notes: I'm surprised I thought of something so fast, but here it is! 

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Challenge: [80] Arithmetic
Title: AfterMath
Word Count: 418
Spoilers: Well, yes, I believe. Takes place post-KH2
Etc: I've been mulling this over the past few days and finally decided to get the bloody thing in text and get it over with. Here you are. I did my best, though I actually loathe mathematics. :DDD

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Challenge: [79] - Close to you
Title: Abyss
Word Count: 347
Spoilers: Yes, yes, and yes, for Roxas's history in TT and WTNW and some near-ending bits of KH.
Notes: The ending was happy--all smiling faces, beautiful places. How quickly did it take for that to fade? This is me, as usual, exploring the post Kingdom Hearts II aspects because they, quite frankly, fascinate me. 

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Challenge: [78] Tidying Up
Title: Untainted
Rating: PG
Word Count: 384
Spoilers: The story is post-KH2, but there are no spoilers. 

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Challenge: None
Title: Roll the Dice
Word Count: 150
Notes: Riku worries about Roxas and Roxas about Riku. Post KH2. Spoilers. 

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Challenge: {77} Martyr
Title: Air
Word Count: 229
Notes:  My first thought was “I should write Riku” but I always write Riku and he’s pretty obvious for the theme. So…here’s Roxas instead. ^_^” 

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Challenge: None
Title:  Cheat Code
Word Count:  416
Rating:  G (maybe a little higher for Riku!obsession?) RikuXSora
Notes:  A little after-KH2 introspect of Riku's thoughts on Sora. Just some things mulling around in my head.

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Challenge: {76: Fairy Tales}
Title: Predictable
Word Count: 418
Spoilers: Not really
Notes: Came out more depressing than I intended; I wanted to write it for imagery. ^_^" This is also the first drabble I've ever submitted in a challenge. *hides*

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Challenge: None (and did the challenge die or something?)
Title: Afraid of the Dark
Word Count: 236
(anything else): No spoilers whatsoever. Written about Riku, and his fear of the darkness because, yes, it does exist.

Everyone is afraid of the dark. )

Challenge: None
Title: Put to Shame
Word Count: 202
(anything else): Another Riku fic. (Why do I have a fetish for writing Riku fics?) A comparison of the new Riku and the old Riku. No spoilers except for KH2 Riku’s disposition.

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Challenge: None
Title: Imaginary Friend
Pairing: Riku/Sora
Word Count: 477
Rated: G, with some angst
Notes: The only hints of spoilers involve Antisora. Other than that, this is spoiler-free. Enjoy!

Riku created it. )

If you notice any errors, please let me know! Thanks! :D
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Title: Got it Memorized?
Word Count: 401
Warning: DemyxAxel.
Notes: I am officially in love with Demyx/Organization member drabbles. Like, seriously. And this is my first post here. :D

Got it Memorized? )
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Challenge: None
Title: Rules of a Heart
Word Count: 339
(anything else): Slight Organisation and Nobody spoilers. Nothing blatant (only one name mentioned). No true pairing.

A lot of fics lately have been centred on feelings, but I have my own theories about the relationship of hearts and feelings. They'd never lost the ability to feel.

Falling apart to songs about hips and hearts )
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Challenge: None
Title: A Runny Situation
Word Count: 109
(anything else): Slightly implied Raxel pairing (yeah, Raxel. Say it; it’s fun) but otherwise totally G, though I hope amusement makes up for it XD
No spoilers if you know who Axel and Roxas are.

Can I recommend some Flonase, Roxas? )

Also, a sincere apology to the mod and watchers for completely fscking up the 'spoiler icon' rule the first time I attempted to post. Quite the *headdesk* moment. Won't happen again. ^_^"""""""""""


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