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UPDATE 06/04/2007: Yay! :D LJ finally let me edit this in. Thanks, mods, for not deleting this! ♥~

Challenge: [107] Savvy
Title: At Least I Didn't Take The Boat?
Word Count: 463
Notes: ...I regret nothing. >D I know this is close to the deadline, but I was just kind of like "I kind of have to do this now." So I did. :D Enjoy!

Yar har, fiddle-dee-dee! )

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Challenge: [091] Invincible
Title: What I've Got
Word Count: 145
Spoilers: Um, no. XD;
Notes: Um... hi! XD; It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyone remember me...? *crickets* Um, right. D: I'll just let this go, then...

Dragons dying... )

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I need to stop angsting. >_>;

But yesh. :) Saw the challenge and knew I'd be writing something like this. <3

Challenge: Masquerade
Title: Open My Eyes
Word Count: 137, not including first and last lines...

If I'm blind, open my eyes 'cause I need to see again... )
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...Kekekekeke. I <3 this song, and so had to use it ^_^;

Title: Monsoon
Challenge: Lullaby
Word Count: 204 without the song words...otherwise, 258.

The rain pounds harsh against the glass like an unwanted stranger... )
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Title: Watching
Challenge: Forbidden Love
Word Count: 182

Watching )
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I hope I got this in on time ^_^;

Challenge: Fathoms
Title: Sky
Word Count: 37
Notes: post-KH. . . . And I wrote it on my calculator. XD

Sky )
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Challenge: Ever After
Title: tré limone
Word Count: 147
Notes: Erm...one could argue that this is Ari at her best/worst, having lost her mind to a bottle of lemonade (er...'A Dry Sparkling Lemon Drink') Also set after KH and CoM, so this is when all's said and done and Riku is back on Destiny Islands.

tré limone )
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Challenge: Winter
Title: A Grain of Sand
Word Count: 199
Notes: :-D There are a few things I could say here. But I'm not going to say them. Hope you like!

A Grain of Sand )
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Second entry for the Breaking theme.

Challenge: Breaking
Title: Promise?
Word Count: 44

Promise? )

Short and to the point, I suppose.
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Okay, I've got nothing much to say, although I could probably babble if I -truly- wanted to. The only thing I've got to say is that I use this style of writing far too often. <3 it, though.

Challenge: Breaking
Title: Nightterrors
Word Count: 231

Nightterrors )

. . . ^_^;; *flits off*
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Challenge: Disney Songs
Title: Rules
Word Count: 5o5
Song: Why Should I Worry? \\ Oliver and Company
Notes: As soon as I saw the challenge, I knew what I wanted to write--the challenge was finding the song to fit it! It's a bit long, but . . . .-.;

Rules )
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Title: Footprints
Challenge: Kodak Moment
Pairing: Riku/Kairi
Word count: 544 >_>; Longest drabble I've had so far . . .

Footprints )

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Yay for random drabbles not having to do with an actual challenge :)

Title: Eclipse
Word Count: 214

Eclipse )
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Title: Crimson Expressions
Challenge: Beginnings
Word Count: 297
Warnings: Mm. None except that this is a first-person, present-tense ficcu.

Crimson Expressions )
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Challenge: In Darkness
Title: Condemned
Word Count: 233
Warnings: Erm . . . again, none that I can think of.

Condemned )

Okay, another drabble that I feel like posting :) Not a part of a contest.

Title: Security
Word Count: 64
Warnings: Um . . . A slight hint of Rikairu-ness, but that really shouldn't bother anyone . . .

Security )
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Challenge: Call Me, Call Me
Title: Transparently Dreaming
Word Count: 138
Author's Notes: . . . I don't know. X3

Transparently Dreaming )
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Theme: Paopu
Title: Tanned Palms
Word Count: 1o4
Warning/s: None

Tanned Palms )


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