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Challenge [208]: Doors
Title: Alternatives
Word Count: 404
Notes: Haven't posted anything in forever, but this idea wouldn't leave me alone. Apologies to those who aren't familiar with Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, as this probably won't make much sense.

There's more than one way to open a door )
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Challenge: [181] Watch
Title: Salvation
Word count: 144
Notes: No spoilers I can think of, deals mainly with pre KH1 events. Cut quote is from Watchmen.

They will look up and shout, 'Save us!' ...and I'll look down and whisper, 'No.' )
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Challenge: none; prompt - "Lovers"
Title: Familiarity
Word count: 139
Notes: YAOI; implied Lex/Zex; nothing graphic

It was more of a ritual than anything... )
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Challenge: [096] Delight
Title: Fringe Benefits
Word count: 308
Notes: Again, knowledge of Org. XIII members is a plus, but not required; no spoilers; slightly dark

That's when the real fun began... )
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Challenge: None
Title: Fair Play
Word count: 423
Notes: Mild spoilers if you aren't familiar with Org. XIII members; use of a dirty/sexual word; no pairings. Doubt the concept is totally original, but I couldn't help it.

How many times must we go through this..? )
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challenge: [56] Missing you
title: Possession
word count: 98
notes: Namine; kinda-sorta spoilers for ending of kh:com (nothing explicit, though). super short.

How can you miss what you never had? )
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challenge: [051] envy
title: stomach aches
word count: 154
notes: pre-game; something a little different. first time attempting selphie...

It always made her stomach hurt. )
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challenge: favourite
title: Sweet Charade
word count: 203
notes: kh:com characters; no spoilers, though. nothing amazing, but sort of in the holiday spirit... >.>

and i don't need boxes wrapped in strings... )
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title: Scream of the Butterfly
challenge: scream
word count: 187
notes: blah. set right before kh, i guess. somewhat philosophical. riku, of course. enjoy!

i hear a very gentle sound... )
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challenge: family
title: safehouse
word count: 126
notes: just a random idea. um, you'd have to have at least a vague idea of what happens in kh:com to really get this, but there aren't any spoilers - it's fairly abstract and doesn't involve the game in any way... so yeah. >.>

safehouse )
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challenge: tragedy
title: Good night, sweet prince
word count: 161
notes: wherein my obsession with shakespeare meets my obsession with kh; namely, riku. probably not so great, but it was the first thing to pop into my head. *shrug*

and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest... )
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title: thinking of you
challenge: forbidden love
word count: 130
notes: mildly implied cloud/sephiroth. also, kind of combined the two games (don't ask me how that works). and lots of pronouns. so... sorry. >.>

thinking of you )
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grr, sorry this is so late - absolutely no time this past week. >.< i'll understand if it isn't a valid entry, but i figured i'd post it anyway.

challenge: fathoms
title: what's in a name?
word count: 178
notes: again with the leon/cloud-ness (not romantic, though); based on my conclusion that the first time they met after being separated would have been at the coliseum. really not that great, but oh well.

what's in a name? )
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i really didn't mean to write another entry for this challenge, but this one just kind of got stuck. >.< oh, and i sort of stole the title from a moody blues song... *runs away*

challenge: ever after (second entry)
title: knights in white satin
word count: 236
notes: um, set after everybody's back at hollow bastion. just a tiny bit of leon/cloud, but not really... yeah.

knights in white satin )
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challenge: ever after
title: of kings and queens
word count: 76
notes: ansem-ness...

of kings and queens )
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challenge: brightest
title: photographs
word count: 216
notes: this came out kind of weird, style wise, and the title basically turned into one big extended metaphor, but yeah... >.O

photographs )


Jan. 9th, 2005 09:37 pm
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um, i'm confused and not sure if the deadline is today (though i think i'm just stupid, nevermind), but just in case...

challenge: winter
title: How Romantic
word count: 116
notes: just pretend that riku pays attention in class

How Romantic )


Jan. 7th, 2005 10:57 pm
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>.< this is the last one, i swear!! *flees*

challenge: breaking
title: mending
word count: 281
notes: for ages, just think of the flashbacks during the (1st) game. yep.

Mending )
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cutting down on rambling. i do that. and sorry to anyone i might have offended/annoyed. definitely not intentional. bad me. >.< i'll be keeping myself in check from now on.

[livejournal.com profile] dribble_drabble challenge: “It's not the validity of the tests I doubt. It's the tester.”
title: cat and mouse
word count: 369
notes: **kh:com spoiler-ish** i say 'ish' because it really doesn't give anything away, but if you haven't played the game, you kind of won't know what's going on. and because i have a problem with female characters needing to be male, i write larxene as a guy. if none of that bothers you, go right ahead.

cat and mouse

no challenge
title: night sky
word count: 235
notes: just some random fluff. could be taken as riku/sora, but only if you're a slash fan like myself. ^_^

night sky )
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well, i kind of went on a fic rampage the other night after posting here, so here's something fairly random and disturbing.

oh, and i'm a loser, and i actually came up with a really cute idea for the breaking challenge... after i had already submitted a fic for it. -_- so basically, since i'm assuming you're only allowed one entry per challenge, because that would make sense... *makes the most pathetic face ever* is there any way you can withdraw an entry in place of another? i know that's incredibly lame, and i completely understand if you guys don't allow that, but i thought i'd ask. >.< grr. i'm so angry at myself that i could hurt something, but it's my own stupid fault, so too bad for me. bleah.

moving on.

no challenge
title: wishful thinking
word count: 155
notes: **yaoi and NC-17-ish.** nothing too horribly graphic, but you can definitely tell what's going on. also, this pairing is pretty dark and some people might find it fairly disturbing, though i really don't want to say what it is because i'm interested to see how many people can figure it out. so, yes. if any of that weirds you out, then you probably want to steer clear. for the rest of you, have fun. ^__^

Wishful Thinking )


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