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Challenge: [310] Rebirth

Title: Dreams of Reality

Word Count: 194

Spoilers: Possibly mild ones for 3D - I’m not sure; I have only played 3 worlds, but have picked up a few idea from it. The ending is unspoiled at least.

Notes: None.

He was asleep. )
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Challenge: [309] Worlds

Title: Disbelief

Word Count: 74

Spoilers: None

Notes: This is the complete opposite of what I tend to do for these drabbles, which is exposition with no dialogue; thus it is very short. Conversation between Sora and his mother.

So, let me get this right... )

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Challenge: [308] Forgiveness

Title: How Can I...

Word Count: 299

Spoilers: Minor ones from Dream Drop Distance.

Notes: Some of this is head-canon, so I might of messed up some stuff from DDD.

Riku had a theory... )
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Challenge: [306] Defend

Title: Islands

Word Count: 248

Spoilers: None

Notes: Sorry this is a day late. And so very short.

Kairi hated staying behind... )
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Challenge: [305] Rise Up
Title: Staring at the Ceiling
Word Count: 312
Spoilers: Are KHII spoilers still in effect? Otherwise, no.
Notes: Set in Twilight Town.

There was something about getting up first thing in the morning... )
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Challenge:[304] Starting Over
Title: Repeating Darkness
Word Count: 358
Spoilers: None
Notes: Based on the floating ‘game over/continue’ screen.

His heart was floating somewhere in darkness... )


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